‘Andy-Man’ Card and ‘Don’t Recall’

May 17, 2007

An unraveling continues for Decider George and his henchmen, or cronies, or in some instances, his sidekicks. Just about every day some cursed scandal flops its head, opens up and spews out some really, really gosh-awful dung. Akin, maybe, to the world-at large peeling away the layers of an onion, but instead of finding�the heart of a sweet, nice ogre like Shrek, discovering something else entirely:Ugly, perverse and really not nice at all.

And just in time as Paul “Wolfman/Potty Mouth” Wolfowitz’s makes his days-of-our-lives drama-queen exit from a real-high perch at the World Bank. Each day this week there’s been some bit about the Wolfman. As of this morning, word is still out how his departure will come.

In another news-thread this week of incompetency with a gnarly Hitler/Gestapo touch was the testimony of former Deputy Attorney General James Comey before the Senate Judiciary Committee. According to Comey, in March 2004 he and FBI Director Robert Mueller had to keep a couple of high-ranking suits from the White House from pressuring a sick John Ashcroft, literally laid-up in a hospital bed, from signing off on a bogus federal eavesdropping program.

The two suits were Andrew “Andy Man” Card, Decider George’s then-chief-of-staff, and Alberto “I Don’t Recall” Gonzales, then a White counsel, now the US Attorney General up to his freaking eyeballs in shit. If you recall last month, Don’t Recall won his nickname during Congressional hearings by answering more than 70 times with the phrase ‘I Don’t Recall’ (there was a cool-looking dude in the audience keeping score on a big piece of cardboard) and saying he remembered talking once to Decider George’s big cheese, Karl Rove, but couldn’t recall whether it was inside or outside, or on the phone or in person, or morning or night, or anything other than he did talk to Rove. What a freaking-fried brain!!

Card was replaced by Decider George in March 2006 in an so-called “overhaul” of White House staff. Crap was already oozing up through the floorboards even back then.

In March 2004, Ascroft was ailing, apparently so bad he couldn’t attend to his duties, and Comey, then an assistant AG, was made acting AG. Comey would not okay the eavesdropping program, so Andy Man and Don’t Recall tried to wedge a signature out of Ashcroft. All against the freaking law and all for a warrantless eavesdropping program Decider George wanted to fight his ever-expanding, worldwide war against terror. Such horseshit. The New York Times reports Decider George probably broke the law instigating the program without proper approval.

Comey told the committee Andy Man and Don’t Recall were trying, according to CNN’s Website, “to take advantage of a very sick man.”

Gonzales, like the Wolfman, should have some kind of exit strategy. Soon all options will be on the table. Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska has called for Gonzales to go bye-bye.

And poor old Tony Snow, the White House spokesman, he still has to drown the shit with platitudes that disappear as soon as they’re uttered: “Jim Comey gave his side of what transpired that day. The president still has full confidence in Alberto Gonzales,” Snow reportedly said. How does Snow do it in the face of reality?

And how about this little item: Dr. Eric J Keroack, appointed by Decider George in late 2006 as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services, has resigned amid questions of Medicaid fraud and whether he’d lied on his resume.

Keroack, as it turned out, was not even close to qualified to head the federal women’s health program.

Where the living shit does Decider George get these freaking, asshole people.

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