Effrontery and Gall

May 19, 2007

An old sayin’ says it all: ‘You’ve got the gall…”

Rumors of wars are no longer just rumors and a four-year-long excursion into a cataclysmal, non compos mentis has retched the very fabric of the entire freaking planet. Decider George and his crew might have released a kind of slow doomsday machine, which once activated, creates conflict without end. In a sudden realization akin to sensing one’s self start to fall backwards off a high ladder, the American voter last November screamed for a change of direction: Get Out of Iraq-Now!

Just about every GOP dipwad across the US got shoved out the freaking door.The reason: Iraq. And ‘we’re outta here!’ Here now more than six months later there’s still some doubt about where the National Guard, the Reserves and all the full-time military ought to be: Home!

Yesterday, Congress and Decider George bumped heads again over Iraq and came out feeling beat up. The main logjam, of course, is Decider George himself. He’s not going to back down, he’s not going to give an inch, he’s not going to loosen up, he’s not going to listen to any near-sound advice: He’s going to hang on tooth and nail no matter the consequences to anyone. Decider George can’t see the handwriting on the wall, or decipher tea leaves, or even figure out which way the wind is blowing, or any other number of judgment procedures. He’s the worse kind of guy in charge: Incompetent and don’t give a shit.

Congress and Decider George were in talks to figure out a way to keep the war going, or not keep the war going. The Democrats have really turned out to be just another bunch of wimps, politics as usual in the great, bullheaded dome of the capital. They tried somewhat and except for a few, have been really dragging their feet on getting all the boys home. It’s really a fight to get control of the war away from Decider George and his imbecilic bunch.

According to the AFP News Service the talks “broke up in acrimony,” which means everybody was pissed at everybody. Decider George thinks so-called benchmarks and timetables and any indication of getting the hell out of Iraq “embolden US enemies.” He so full of shit!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Decider George of refusing to accept “accountability or responsibility” for any of the overwhelming mess he’s created. (And not just in Iraq, but just about everywhere else, from the environment, to the World Bank to the US Justice Department).

Decider George’s people sometimes just make one want to freaking scream way out loud. House GOP Minority Leader John Boehner apparently does not understand the concept of what an election box, polls and body bags actually mean. “I can say that I was shocked at how stuck the Democrat leaders were on this withdrawal language…there was no willingness to move away from it,” Boehner reportedly said about the war talks falling apart. He was “shocked” about what is right in front of his lying eyes? Shocked! Get your head out of Decider George’s (and your) ass, dipwad.

And former President Jimmy Carter said Saturday in reference to UK Boss Tony Blair’s career in the war business the British prime minister is “blind” in getting behind Decider George’s Iraq war. Carter, probably the last president with any kind of moral fiber, also noted a bit of Blair’s character: “Abominable (to backing the Iraq mess). Loyal. Blind, apparent subservient.”

Blair was in Baghdad on a visit Saturday when a salvo of mortar shells landed in the getting-way-more-dangerous Green Zone as the UK influence area in Basra, down in southern Iraq, was falling apart. Buddy Blair and Decider George, what a couple of nit-wits.

Democrats are trying (not hard enough) to get Decider George’s doomsday machine shut down and a clamp on what they’ve called the “war without end.”

Decider George and his bunch have the gall to keep harping on something the vast, vast amount of American people want to disappear. Unmitigated arrogance and gall.

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