Jimmy, Jimmy Say It Ain’t So

May 21, 2007

After what appeared to be a good, strong tongue lashing of Decider George by former President Jimmy Carter this weekend turned out to be just another wimped lay-down by someone who ought to know better, and who we thought had balls, at least of the semi-truth-telling, moral-fiber kind. What a way to wake up on a freaking Monday and watch Carter tuck his tail between his Southern-fried legs and back down. Pitiful.

Carter, in a Saturday newspaper interview labeled the current administration as the “worst in history” and in a conversation with the BBC, he said Tony Blair, UK’s outgoing pretty-boss, as “apparently subservient” to Decider George on the awful horror of Iraq. In a story published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Carter got down on Decider George. “As far as the adverse impact on the nation and the world, this administration has been the worst in history,” he said. Also on Saturday, in the BBC interview, Carter said Blair, who leaves office June 27, was “blind” in following Decider George into the hell of Iraq.

On Sunday, the White House retorted: “I think it’s sad that President Carter’s reckless personal criticism is out there,” so said Decider George flack, Tony Fratto, who goes on to say, “I think it’s unfortunate. And I think he is proving to be increasingly irrelevant with these kinds of comments.”

On Monday, however, Carter backed down. On the Today show, he said he had been responding to a question about Richard Nixon’s foreign policy, and that Decider George is “worse than Nixon.” Jimbo? Jimbo? Why didn’t you stick by your guns, why couldn’t you have just some freaking guts and stand by those words which made Decider George the “worst in history,” and we all know not just American history, but the entire freaking human history. Greatly disappointing to say the least Jimbo. Why can’t people just tell the truth? Jimmy knows it’s true, Decider George is indeed the worst leader in world history and he’s dragging down millions and millions and millions of people with him. When I read Jimmy’s comments this past weekend, I screamed, Hurrah! All Right! Albeit to myself since I was in a coffee shop and couldn’t holler out-freaking-loud. There’s been some others who have stepped up and called Decider George just what he is, but it would have been nice if a former president said it. Fuck the boozos!

Speaking of trash mouth. What the fuck is up with the ‘F’ word. On Thursday, Armor-plated John McCain used an “expletive,” so reported washingtonpost.com against another senator, and a Republican to boot, during a discussion on immigration. Hobnail McCain reportedly told Sen. John Cornyn of Texas: “Fuck you, I know more about immigration than anybody else.” Bullet-proof vest McCain is a total — the operative word here is “total” — asshole.

He’s not alone in spewing forth Pulp Fiction comments: Paul “Wolfman” Wolfowitz reportedly told his now-former employers at the World Bank last year that “If they fuck me or Shaha, I have enough to fuck them too.” Wolfman, or couse, resigned and now is spinning in the shit wind. A couple of years ago Dufus Dick Chaney told a senator, during a session in the Senate, to “Fuck off,” when the senator started questioning Dufus Dick about the completly-fucked Halliburton bullshit in Iraq — tons and tons of profit, shitty work and all kinds of law breaking by the company Dufus Dick used to run (and may still).

What we say: None of those Washington shitheads have any street time to use the word ‘Fuck.’

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