Technical ‘Secret Surge’

May 22, 2007

The hand is quicker than the eye, and a double-shuffle is twice as fast. An inept laggard, however, can be just as deceiving. Cover tracks by being quiet, overlap schedules attempting to be real clever: Words and smoke screens, a taste of governmental hocus-pocus. In this case, playing with lives.

According to, Decider George will have nearly doubled the US ground forces in Iraq by Christmas. By using the very-public “surge” announced in January, coupled with requiring troops already there to extend missions from 12 months to 15, Decider George has what one guy said was required more than four years ago: 200,000 American soldiers in Iraq. We’re talking Vietnam-era numbers here, boys!

Of course, at the height of Vietnam about 500,000 troops were there. However, 200,000 is a mean figure no matter how you record it. Seven US soldiers died Saturday in Iraq, putting the death toll at 71 already killed this month – Since December 1, 531 servicemen have been killed, an average of three dying a day. The US has lost 3,421 military personnel since March 2003 when this illegal, immoral and highly-dubious war started.

More to come…

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