The Flatulence of Decider George

May 26, 2007

As the earth warms, toxic, noxious gases are released from anuses of certain bottom-dwelling, obtuse, but insolent creatures. Quite a number of these human-like slugs grow up to be president.

Decider George has once again shown his ability to understand which direction the wind is blowing, and, once again he’s demonstrated the fact the world has a lot to fear from the sonofabitch. Even in the face of the mounting and overwhelming evidence human beings have created an enormous time bomb ticking quickly away, Decider George still holds on to the bottom line: Profits. Global warming’s biggest contribution (and awareness) is the true inconvenient truth the world’s economies have to slow down, if not cease, in order to stop an almost-unstoppable, catastrophic event.

According to the AFP News Service (Agence France-Presse) on Saturday the global environmentalist group, Greenpeace, published a leaked document revealing that Decider George will shoot down a global warning declaration supposedly set to highlight next month’s Group of Eight summit in Germany. In a situation sickly similar to the Kyoto Accords bullshit from the mid-1990s, the US will once again undermine concerns just about everybody else on the planet has: The earth is warming, and quickly, and because of it, some real ugly shit is about to hit the fan.

AFP reports Greenpeace’s leaked document says: “The United States still has serious, fundamental concerns about this draft statement.” The G8 nations plan to raise overall energy efficiencies by 20 percent by 2020, just 13 quick years away. The document goes on to say: “The treatment of climate change runs counter to our overall position and crosses multiple ‘red lines’ in terms of what we simply cannot agree to.” (AFP did not report what those so-called ‘red lines’ are or what they could be — might be the old bottom line, “in the red/or black” of finance).

Decider George won’t be moved. The document continues is a similar vein: The proposals at the G8 “are fundamentally incompatible with the (US) president’s approach to climate change.”

What the hell is Decider George’s approach? Last year he still wasn’t sure if global warning was made by humans, despite several scientific reports establishing that fact. The polar ice packs melting, animals dying (especially, and most chilling, the demise of certain frogs, an air-quality control similiar to doves/pigeons in mines).

Just last week, 15 chairs of US House of Representatives committees wrote to Decider George concerned about US plans to weaken the G8 climate-change accords. Nothing came to naught. Decider George has indeed created a doomsday device and it’s not just one piece of machinery, or even one single thought, but a multi-handed scheme placed in every corner of human existence, already igniting, spreading.

And another dismal bit: US News&World Report has a story Saturday about something hundreds of millions of people, especially Americans, take for total granted: tap water. The news magazine says in studies by all sorts of people in and out of government that $250 billion to $500 billion will have to be spent over the next 20 years to maintain the drinking-water and waste-water systems. Major culprit: hundreds of thousands of miles of underground pipe laid in place generations ago is breaking down.

Add that to an infrastructure (road, rail systems, public transportation) that would make some third-world country proud.

And Decider George passes horrifying gases onto the upturn faces of a public unaware of the shitfire coming lickety-split over the degrading land fill.

Decider George should be canned instead of him continually sitting on the can and spewing out a flatulence reaching into the heavens.

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