Decider George’s Memorial

May 28, 2007

As the US marks another Memorial Day, the vicious lies and propaganda spewing forth from Decider George and his crowd of low-life henchmen is enough to make those who died for this country roll over in their graves and weep. The so-called patriotic adage of “My Country Right Or Wrong” is a cause for far more alarm than Osama and his boys.

Today Decider George was at Arlington National Cemetery trying to tie the loose ends of a horrific war with the heart strings of America. He continued with his usual “we must stand firm” bullshit as he gave his little talk amid gravesites dating back to the Civil War. Decider George has the total gall and a cold-hearted attitude to ask for sacrifice when he himself never went to war and his two bobbsie-twin daughters have not enlisted. Prince Harry at least put his neck out and was about to go to Iraq, Bush’s daughters are like their daddy: Lazy-assed, chicken shit.

“Now this hallowed ground receives a new geberation of heroes,” Decider George said at Arlington. “The men and women who gave their lives in such places as Kabul, Kandahar, Baghdad and Ramadi.” He was apparently trying to connect the freaking bloody dots between battles sites in 1860, 1917 and 1942 into a modern hell hole created by his lies and deception.

And on Saturday, in keeping with the continuing lie, even if the lie has been fairly-well proven, Dufus Dick Chaney gave the commencement address at West Point and babbled halfway incoherent about the tie between 9/11 and Al-Qeada, the same kind of shit he’s babbled about for the past four years. Even in the face of a Senate Intelligence Committee Report last week that the White House was well informed of what would happen if the US invaded Iraq, before the March 2003 invasion: Just what’s going on there now. Dufus Dick kept the terror loop going as he attempted to bridge the gap between reality and his view of the world. “Their ultimate goal is to establish a totalitarian empire, a caliphate, with Baghdad as its capital,” Dufus Dick told his captive crowd of about 1,000 new soon-to-be second lieutenants. Even as those guys get set go serve their country in Iraq, they apparently have no idea Dufus Dick and Decider George are pieces of lying horse shit.

And the so-called war of terror? According to a report from Transactional Records Action Clearhouse, 85 percent of all the charges brought by the Department of Homeland Security the past three years were mundane visa problems. Out of the 814,073 cases, only 12 were terror related. What have these assholes been doing? Decider George screams about the war on terror and these clowns seemingly aren’t involved at all.

And to make matters even more stupid, Alabama’s DHS Website was shut down this week after it reported that gay rights advocates, environmentalists, antiwar people, among others, could be suspected terrorists. Officials at ‘Bama’s Homeland Security said the site will be up and running again soon, but nothing about gays, or tree-huggers or global-warming types being terrorists. This is some way to run a freaking operation, is it not?

And, to top this Memorial Celebrations, the US’s top soldier, Gen. Peter Pace apparently had a brain fart when discussing the numbers of GIs killed the past four years in Iraq as compared to the number killed Sept. 11, 2001, at the World Trade Center. Pistol Pete said those killed were quickly approaching the number that died in the Twin Towers. This dipwad is the freaking chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. What an idiot: so far 3,441 soldiers have died since the Iraq war started and only 2,996 people died on 9/11. Pistol Pete is as big an asshole as his boss.

What to say this Memorial Day? Lord have mercy!

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