Jailhouse ‘Scooter’

June 5, 2007

“Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

This morning, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Dufus Dick Chaney’s former chief of staff, was sentenced in federal court to 30 month in prison for lying his ass off and trying to obstruct justice. He was also fined $250,00. Scooter was found guilty in March of five counts of trying to keep the lid on the nasty Valerie Plame affair from more than four years ago. If you recall, Plame’s husband, former state department guy Joseph Wilson, wrote an interesting Op-ed piece in June 2003 debunking (Love that word: debunking) Decider George’s statement the late, great Saddam Hussein was trying to buy nuclear material from Niger. Wilson explained he was sent to Africa to discover the truth of the matter and found the whole thing was bogus. Dufus Dick, Libby and even Decider George jumped on Wilson through his wife, then a CIA undercover operative.

Although Scooter was indicted, tried and found guilty by a jury of his peers and now sentenced to freaking jail, Dufus Dick and Decider George keep mouthing platitudes for their lying asshole buddy. Anyone else would have said that he was a convicted felon and justice has done its duty. Not these shitheads. Dufus Dick released a statement that he was “deeply saddened” by Scooter going to jail, but hopes the appeals process will “return a final result consistent with what we know of this fine man.” Who is heck is “we”? It’s just Dufus Dick. Just about every living soul in America and the whole freaking world knows Scooter’s a lying sonofabitch. Dufus Dick also went on to say his buddy Scooter was of the “highest intellect, judgment and personal integrity.” Integrity? What about America’s justice system? What about the full extent of the law and trial by Scooter’s fellow Americans? Does Dufus Dick even consider what the system is all about about.

Decider George, through a White House spokesman, said he “felt terrible” Scooter was going into the slammer for 30 months. Once again, what about the freaking justice system? Don’t these bozos give a flip about it?

Scooter should have been given a much higher sentence. He should have to go over to Plame’s house during every day and work: Clean the pool, mow the grass, sponge out the toilets, do whatever little odd job needs to be done. Then go back in his cell at night. Let’s see some justice!

Of course, that has nothing to say for the American people, the real victims Scooter, Dufus Dick and the rest of that freaking ‘don’t give a shit’ crowd that has lied to and has gotten the US and the entire world into a pants-shitting situation which there is no recovery.

Scooter is just the tip of the lying iceberg

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