‘Sprinting to the finish line’

June 13, 2007

After a fairy-tale hero’s welcome in Albania, Decider George has come home to the reality of an administration not unlike the Titantic rushing headlong to a rendezvous with an iceberg. Unable to muster enough votes to do anything constructive on the never-ending immigration bill, Decider George still has the Attorney General Alberto “Don’t Recall” Gonzales nastiness jammed up his windpipe.

The Senate missed a no-confidence vote on Don’t Recall Monday by just seven votes. As one hack said: If senators held an anonymous, secret ballot, all 50 would have voted the sonofabitch out. As the case in just about everything Decider George touches, poo-poo strings forth. The president still won’t say nothing negative about Don’t Recall. Speaking in Sofia, Bulgaria, Decider George stands (once, and once again) by his man: “They can have the vote of no confidence, but it’s not going to make the determination about who serves in my government.”

Across the spectrum Decider George is quickly becoming the most loathed president in US history. In every category, from Iraq to Katrina to the Justice Department and all points beyond, the arrogant incompetence of the past six years is catching up with him. And Don’t Recall voiced the reality: “I am focused on the next 18 months and sprinting to the finish line,” Gonzales said.

So also hopes the American people as polls indicate the vast majority just want Decider George’s time in office to be over and done with amidst a hope someone at least half-assed smarter can take the reins. Who? That’s the $64 Trillion question!

Scooter news

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice added her two-cents worth to the pile of ass-kissing hacks who wrote I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s trial judge in hopes of having the liar’s 30-month sentence reduced or thrown out all together. Included in that list was Henry “Vietnam” Kissinger and Gen. Pistol-Pete Pace, the current and just-fired chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Everybody wants old Scooter amended because he’s such a hard-working, nice guy.

Condi said this past weekend Scooter’s life is just pitiful: “I think that he is going through an extremely difficult time with his family and for him. And you know, I’m just desperately sorry that it’s happening to him and I…, you know, the legal system has spoken, but I tell you, this is a really good guy…”

No one in Decider George’s administration looks at the justice. As Condi said “the legal system has spoken,” but does she really care and is she “desperately sorry” about what this government has created?

Desperately sorry? How about the 3,500 American servicemen killed in Iraq and their families, the more than 25,000 wounded and the half a million Iraqis killed and the millions displaced. How sorry are you Condi for them, do you grieve for them, shed tears late at night for the suffering created by Decider George and his arrogant incompetent bunch? We really think not.

And you were right there, Condi, allowing the ship to continue on, allowed the last of the boilers to be ignited despite warnings of icebergs?

And now all are sprinting for the finish line. And who really wins? Sad to say, no one.

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