Big Al and Dufus Dick

July 31, 2007

As the days and months flow by, the news from the US Justice Department is still the same old shit. However, for the first time in US history, the general public can get a look into how corruption, arrogance and incompentence fills the so-called oval office. Decider George and his buddy AG Alberto “Don’t Recall” Gonzales: A creation of suck-buddy, Mafia-style silence in the wake of some obvious lying.

Don’t Recall has apparently slipped the noose again.

As of noon today, Decider George has been quiet about Don’t Recall’s lying barrage last week up on the Hill. Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, requested from the Bush administration some evidence of Don’t Recall’s truthfulness. But, of course, nothing from the White House. Just about every politican in D.C. has slammed the AG. Don’t Recall is indeed a piece of work.

According to stories in the Wasington Post, Gonzales’s tie to Decider George stretches back to at least 1996, when he intervened to prevent then-Gov. Bush from serving jury duty in Texas, which allowed the decider to keep his own drunken driving conviction a secret years longer. Don’t Recall has been Decider George’s gofer for a long time and will stand with his man until the end.
There’s nothing that good-ole buddies won’t do even with Don’t Recall.

Even Vice President Dufus Dick Cheney has open his yap. When asked in an interview with CBS radio whether Don’t Recall should keep his job, Dufus Dick replied: “I do. I’m a big fan of Al’s. I think Al has done a good job under difficult circumstances. The debate between he and the Senate is something they’re going to have to resolve. But I think he has testified truthfully.”

Al? ‘Testified truthfully?’ Dufus Dick still has a the gall despite every freakin’ bit of evidence to the contrary and even Don’t Recall’s own words.

Dont’ Recall ain’t that smart, neither. James Moore, co-author of Bush’s Brain, a book on Karl Rove, told Countdown MSNBC host Keith Olbermann on Monday, education does not necessarily make one a brain. “I think — it is amazing to me that people actually think that this man is smart,” Moore said. “If the administration of George W. Bush has proved anything, it is that you can go to a top flight East Coast school and get an advanced degree and not be a very bright person.”


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