‘Bad Actors’ Armed To The Teeth

August 7, 2007

Shit floats! Or does it if ten pounds is ass-pressed into a five-pound bag?

Last week, in order to flame the burning fires and keep the killing shit flowing, Secretary of State Condi Rice and Defense Secretary Bob Gates made trips to the Mid East to chat up Decider George’s plan for a $43 billion military hardware deal to a handful of Persian Gulf states.

Cool Condi babbled the deal would send a direct message to US enemies: “This effort will bolster forces of moderation and support a broader strategy to counter the negative influences of al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran.”

Decider George hisself with an idiot, smarty-pants smirk, has called the war-machine transaction not only a message to the pure evil, but also a high-five to “our friends in the region.”

A place so inundated with weaponry, adding a few more tons won’t hurt: Version of the old 10 pounds of terrible, foul-smelling shit into the easily-torn five-pound bag.

Actually, the whole deal is just a continuance of a continuing arms-deal policy Decider George with expert guidance from his VP Dufus Dick Chaney has sustained with zest the last six years. The so-called “arms for allies” plan has been operational for more than a decade
Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) would get $13 billion in aid over 10 years along with some $20 billion in new arms, including satellite-guided bombs, missile defenses and upgrades for its U.S.-made fighter-jets.

  • Arms going to some not real-friendly folks. According to worldpolicy.org:
    “In 2003, more than half of the top 25 recipients of U.S. arms transfers in the developing world (13 of 25) were defined as undemocratic by the U.S. State Department’s Human Rights Report: in the sense that “citizens do not have the right to change their own government” or that right was seriously abridged. These 13 nations received over $2.7 billion in U.S. arms transfers under the Foreign Military Sales and Commercial Sales programs in 2003, with the top recipients including Saudi Arabia ($1.1 billion), Egypt ($1.0 billion), Kuwait ($153 million), the United Arab Emirates ($110 million) and Uzbekistan ($33 million).When countries designated by the State Department’s Human Rights Report to have poor human rights records or serious patterns of abuse are factored in, 20 of the top 25 U.S. arms clients in the developing world in 2003– a full 80%– were either undemocratic regimes or governments with records of major human rights abuses. This report demonstrates that under President Bush’s leadership, this trend has accelerated and freedom and democracy have suffered as a result.”

So all Decider George and his war-crazed buddies are doing is enflaming an already-flaming part of the earth. And doing it as liars and hypocrites.

In an ironic, terrifyingly-moronic arms deal, the Government Accountability Office reported the US military has lost track of 190,00 AK-47 assault rifles and pistols supposedly given to Iraqi security forces in 2004 and 2005.The Washington Post on Monday said the GAO indicated US military officials in Iraq can’t account for 30 percent of the weapons. According to the GAO, the US has spent $19.2 billion since 2003 on trying to develop some kind of Iraqi security system. And not only has the operation completely failed, but weapons are now apparently going to insurgents.

Yes! That figure was indeed $19.2 billion. The Post story also carried some comments worth noting from Rachel Stohl, a senior analyst at the Center for Defense Information. “They really have no idea where they are,” said Stohl on the missing guns. “It likely seems that the United States is unintentionally providing weapons to bad actors.”

Of course, the “bad actors” are the all-kinds and types of insurgents killing US troops. And in another irony, the weapons weren’t even US issue, but the worldwide revolutionary/insurgent gun of choice: the old Soviet-block-manufactured AK-47.

And who the livin’ shit was running the security training when all these weapons were supposedly distributed? Gen. David Petraeus, that’s who the fuck who!

Petraeus was dumped-up to overall commander late last year as a dead-end, straw-vote/yes man for Decider George’s ludicrous, horrific “surge.” And now, seemingly the entire Iraq picture hinges on a report due next month from this same guy who lost a shitload of weapons on his watch.

How the livin’ hell did the US get into such an untenable, box-canyon-like situation.

In Decider George’s world: War and strife is the only way to power, and once with the power, use military might to keep it.

Unfortunately, he’s not the first of such peoples. In the biblical book of Genesis there’s mentioned a guy named Nimrod, a grandson of Noah. Nimrod got the killing shit going from his hometown of Babel. And as so-called “civilization” moved from the Mesopotamia valley, the making of war to advance and expand has guided history. Apparently, the killing fields has made the historical full circle in a return to its roots with Decider George’s Iraqi bullshit. Nimrod in reality, however, was probably a fairly-competent physical warrior, but due to “advances” in weaponry over the centuries, leaders have decayed into such phony, despicable characters as Decider George.

Machines of war have always amazed those here at Compatible Creatures, although those devices we knew created great revulsion. In youth, the attraction was probably the intense, creative-equipment function: Chariots, catapults, early tanks and aircraft — mostly junk before computers. Only later in life would the immense physical evil of these machines be truly understood.

One well-noted set of images came from Director Richard Attenborough’s well-executed WWII movie, A Bridge Too Far, released in 1977 and concerned an ill-fated Allied operation to end the war quickly by securing three bridges in Holland allowing access over the Rhine River into Germany. A lion’s share of major stars of the day starred, from Robert Redford to Michael Caine and Sean Connery.

In the film, the big-screen camera pans along an extended line of what appeared to be 75 mm field-cannon firing salvos to soften-up German battlements as the operation begins. The guns, with crews of four or five working feverishly, were placed across a green, wide and park-like meadow. Only sounds during the sequence were a deep, bellow thump and the hollow, metal-pang of spent shells being ejected into a growing pile: A poetic singsong of war machines in operation.
Meanwhile, near 10,000-yards down range, the camera has suddenly picked up on the receiving end of this lyrical glow, now a loud, horror of a nightmare: Screaming, mangled body parts grinding into mush, mingling human flesh with other war machines, trees, rocks and great chunks of earth.

Just like we always say (and we do), you can’t put 10-lbs. of shit into a 5-lb. container and not expect, no, fully realize, the bag will eventually explode, exposing all that shit to the waiting, swirling fan.

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