‘Mr. President, You Are Such A Man’

December 22, 2007

Frances Townsend, Decider George’s homeland security advisor/mouthpiece is quitting. And it’s the same old bullshit, the same old line.

  • “I find it offensive and crippling. When both career people and political people are worried about getting subponaed, it’s hard to get a lot accomplished.”
    — Interview, The Washington Post (12/22/07)

Well, hell, Frances (can we call you, Fran?) as a hard-nosed, spit-in-your-eye, former mob prosecutor what happens when anyone attempts to break laws, defy Congress, circumvent the Constitution, lie about such things as Iraq, Katrina, global warming and a host of other things? Don’t you believe someone would want to find out the truth?
And when that someone continues to lie, pardons criminals and displays an arrogant disregard for anything resembling common decency, what is to be done?

Damn, Fran, that dog won’t hunt!

And in the three years Fran has been with Decider George some of his bullshit has clogged her mind, caused her to become another zombie, another power-lover, and another asshole who can relocate all kinds of words and redefine them.

  • “Well, I’m not sure — it’s a success that hasn’t occurred yet. I don’t know that I view that as a failure.”
    — CNN December 2006, on the ‘failure’ to capture, or even find Osama bin Laden.

One wonders if being around the most powerful asshole on earth can warp the sense of truth.

  • “In 1937, the playwright Maxwell Anderson wrote of President George Washington: ‘There are some men who lift the age they inhabit, til all men walk on higher ground in their lifetime.’ Mr. President, you are such a man.”
    — Townsend’s resignation letter to Decider George (12/19/07)

Yes, Fran, my dear, men will be walking on higher ground, but it won’t be by choice.

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