Sad and Shameful

May 18, 2008

Decider George shames all US peoples.
He couldn’t grasp his ass with both hands.
And his hypocrisy makes one suffer enough to shit a brick:

  • SHARM EL SHEIK, Egypt — President Bush said Saturday that “it breaks my heart” that the Palestinian people have been unable to establish an independent homeland and he vowed anew to try to forge an Israeli-Palestinian agreement by year’s end.
    Bush’s remarks from the sidelines of a regional conference here appeared aimed at Palestinians and other Arabs who consider the U.S. administration so staunch a supporter of Israel that it turns a blind eye to the human rights concerns of the Palestinians. Many also doubt Bush’s commitment to the tough negotiations ahead if he’s to succeed in helping to craft a deal in just seven months.
    “It breaks my heart to see the vast potential of the Palestinian people, really, wasted,” Bush said, appearing alongside Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. “They’re good, smart, capable people that when given a chance will build a thriving homeland.” Bush said he is “absolutely committed” to achieving agreement.
    “It would be an opportunity to end the suffering that takes place in the Palestinian territories,” Bush added.
    Egypt is one of Bush’s most reliable Arab allies, yet even here state-backed media mocked Bush’s peace efforts, especially after his cozy visit to Israel on Thursday to celebrate the Jewish state’s 60th anniversary – a date the Palestinians call the “day of catastrophe.”
    In his speech Thursday to the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, Bush mentioned only vaguely “the hard choices necessary” for Israelis to do their part for peace, but offered no concrete steps. In those remarks, Bush lavished praise on Israel and reiterated its right to defend itself. He did not visit Palestinian territories, and the only time he mentioned them was to say that Israel at 120 years old – in 2068 – would border an independent Palestinian state.
    — Hannah Allam,, (5/17/08)

The president of the US peoples has now gone off his rocker.

Eerily, and however, Decider George’s trip to the Middle East also conjures up rather repugnantly Dick Nixon’s visit to the region just weeks before he was overly-unceremoniously run out of town (via helicopter) in the summer of 1974.
The last graph from yesterday’s McClathy news story above:

  • Bush’s agenda for the conference is grueling, with one-on-one time built in for several of his most crucial Middle Eastern allies. On Saturday, Bush met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Karzai and Abbas. On Sunday, he’s expected to sit down with leaders of Pakistan, Jordan and Iraq before giving a speech to the general conference audience.

Nixon’s ’74 trip was also a gut cruncher and kind of grueling. He had been suffering from phlebitis, blood problems in his extrementies, even once being hospitalized — his physicians really didn’t want the president traveling, there was a chance of blood clots — but because of the heat off “Watergate,” Dick needed to take a hike out of town. His hectic 10-day schedule included visits not only to Israel, but to Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt.
The scandal-pot, however, was way-more-than-boiling over back in DC.
Wikipedia explains late spring, early summer 1974:

  • The House Judiciary Committee controlled by Democrats opened formal and public impeachment hearings against Nixon on May 9, 1974. Despite his efforts, one of the secret recordings, known as the “smoking gun” tape, was released on August 5, 1974, and revealed that Nixon authorized hush money to Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt, and also revealed that Nixon ordered the CIA to tell the FBI to stop investigating certain topics because of “the Bay of Pigs thing.” In light of his loss of political support and the near certainty of both his impeachment by the House of Representatives and his probable conviction by the Senate, he resigned on August 9, 1974, after addressing the nation on television the previous evening. He never admitted to criminal wrongdoing, although he later conceded errors of judgment.

During Nixon’s visit to Eygpt in June 1974, he and President Anwar El Sadat once travelled by train from Cario to Alexandria.
In a scene not unlike Lawrence of Arabia, huge crowds lined the train track, waving and screaming. Unlike our current leader, Nixon was well-liked in the Middle East (in fact, he was more popular abroad than at home).
He and Sadat at one point even stood on at open platform between railroad cars waving to the waving throngs as the train slowly swept pass, through towns and villages, churning through the Egyptian countryside.
According to The Final Days, written by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (which told of Nixon’s last months in office), this particular trip was harrowing for medical people, the Secret Service, and probably Nixon’s whole staff.
Blood clots be damned! Assassination come forth!
Woodward and Bernstein cite sources traveling with Nixon which implied that maybe, just maybe, Dick wanted to be plucked from the crowd, wanted to be gunned down, maybe wanted somebody to shoot him: A tactical death wish, Nixon political right up to the razor wire.
The all-consuming meltdown caused by a simple burglary had caused ‘Tricky Dick’ to maybe go beyond more than just tricky.
A better way out: Get blown away in a far land and go down as a hero instead of having to return home and get your ass shamefully kicked.

Nixon is relative, however. Compared to Decider George, he was damn-near not bad.




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