Wrong Assumptions

June 29, 2008

So Decider George wants a little history, huh?
He thinks the future will look more kindly on his tortured ass than folks do nowadays.

Never assume! It Makes An Ass Out of You and Me.

Even before being Decider George — back when he was just George Jr., back when he did nothing but have a damn-good time; he can’t remember if he’d ever done cocaine, “We had some pretty wild parties back in the day, and I just don’t remember” — he carried a personal history of being a fraud.
Check out some nut-case George Jr. shit here.

An accounting is coming quickly for Decider George, and all the horror he has created.
History for this sonofabitch is in the here and now.
Except in this instance it’s not just about drinking and snorting and breaking up the house, the crime is against the US nation’s army.

The New York Times reported yesterday, Saturday, of an US Army report scheduled to be released on Monday, which tears new assholes for Decider George’s main-culprit general, Tommy Franks, and his chief warrior, Damn-Dumb-nuts Don Rumsfeld.
In the Times‘ story on the report, the US Army reports on itself on how it performed after the fall of Baghdad, and the bottom line is not very good, not good at all.
Apparently. these Pentagon guys didn’t even have a clue.

Tommie Franks, with a push, shove and a kick from the White House, changed operation specifications:

  • The story of the American occupation of Iraq has been the subject of numerous books, studies and memoirs. But now the Army has waded into the highly charged debate with its own nearly 700-page account: “On Point II: Transition to the New Campaign.”

    The report focuses on the 18 months after President Bush’s May 2003 announcement that major combat operations in Iraq were over. It was a period when the Army took on unanticipated occupation duties and was forced to develop new intelligence-gathering techniques, armor its Humvees, revise its tactics and, after the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, review its detention practices.
    A big problem, the study says, was the lack of detailed plans before the war for the postwar phase, a deficiency that reflected the general optimism in the White House and in the Pentagon, led by then-Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, about Iraq’s future, and an assumption that civilian agencies would assume much of the burden.
    “I can remember asking the question during our war gaming and the development of our plan, ‘O.K., we are in Baghdad, what next?’ No real good answers came forth,” Col. Thomas G. Torrance, the commander of the Third Infantry Division’s artillery, told Army historians.

    “We had the wrong assumptions and therefore we had the wrong plan to put into play,” said Gen. William S. Wallace, who led the V Corps during the invasion and currently leads the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command.

And then along comes the moron L. Paul Bremer, the US colonial viceroy who issued all kinds of decrees in the days following the fall of Saddam — especially disbanding the Iraqi army and banning former Baath Party members from working with the government — all just adding JP-4 jet fuel to a already kindled fire.
According to the Times, Bremer’s actions caught American field commanders “off guard” and, in their view, “created a pool of disaffected and unemployed Sunni Arabs” that the insurgency could draw on.

What a freakin’ bunch of assholes!
The ‘wrong assumptions’ led to the ‘wrong plan’ which all came from Decider George’s White House.

Assume what one will.
This president already has a legacy.

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