Unraveling: ‘We’re Coitus’

July 20, 2008

An impatient sun is setting on the deeds and life of the US of A.

In the September of his reign as leader of the whole, wide world, Decider George’s antics have begun to catch up with reality and it scares the shit out of even little kids.
He will carry a legacy of fear — pissed-off fear — far into whatever kind of future is out there.

Last Wednesday, during one of Decider George’s T-ball games at the White House, a little girl became so frightened in getting so near this social-cretin of a president, she ran away.

  • As Bush attempted to offer Emily a baseball, she became spooked by either the president or the chipmunk mascot that was standing several feet away on the other side of the president.
    Emily, who appeared to be crying, first attempted to hang back and hide behind the brim of her baseball cap, then succeeded in pulling her hand out of the grasp of the man who was leading her forward and dashed away through a gap in the fence and lost herself in the audience.

A lot of US peoples are like Emily — they would like to run away from what Decider George has done this past near-eight years and lose themselves in the audience.

And now the horrible mis-adventures in the Middle East are coming to an anti-conclusion for this administration.
In reports yesterday, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told German magazine Der Spiegel the US needs to leave Iraq now, if not sooner.
Nouri also mentioned that someone has the best plan to do just that: “US presidential candidate Barack Obama talks about 16 months. That, we think, would be the right time-frame for a withdrawal, with the possibility of slight changes.”

What the livin’ hell?
What’s Decider George to do?
First and foremost is incompetence, according to ABC News, as a West Wing staffer alerted reporters to Maliki’s statement:

  • The White House this afternoon accidentally sent to its extensive distribution list a Reuters story headlined “Iraqi PM backs Obama troop exit plan – magazine.”

    The White House employee had intended to send the article to an internal distribution list, ABC News’ Martha Raddatz reports, but hit the wrong button.
    The misfire comes at an odd time for Bush foreign policy, at a time when Obama’s campaign alleges the president is moving closer toward Obama’s recommendations about international relations — sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, discussing a “general time horizon” for U.S. troop withdrawal and launching talks with Iran.

And Jackboot John McCain?
If Arizona senator ever had a brain he left it in Hanoi.

This from Marc Ambinder at Atlantic magazine:

  • “His domestic politics require him to be for us getting out,” said a senior McCain campaign official, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “The military says ‘conditions based’ and Maliki said ‘conditions based’ yesterday in the joint statement with Bush. Regardless, voters care about [the] military, not about Iraqi leaders.”
    An Obama official, also speaking on background, asks:
    “So given that al-Maliki said today that it’s time for an official timetable and that Obama “is right when he talks about 16 months,” will McCain honor that commitment and call for withdrawal or change his position that we should leave Iraq if asked?”

And also this from Ambinder on the same subject:

  • This could be one of those unexpected events that forever changes the way the world perceives an issue. Iraq’s Prime Minister agrees with Obama, and there’s no wiggle room or fudge factor.
    This puts John McCain in an extremely precarious spot: what’s left to argue? to argue against Maliki would be to predicate that Iraqi sovereignty at this point means nothing.
    Obviously, our national interests aren’t equivalent to Iraq’s, but… Maliki isn’t listening to the generals on the ground…but the “hasn’t been to Iraq” line doesn’t work here.
    So how will the McCain campaign respond?
    (Via e-mail, a prominent Republican strategist who occasionally provides advice to the McCain campaign said, simply, “We’re fucked.”
    No response yet from the McCain campaign, although here’s what McCain said the last time Maliki mentioned withdrawal: “Since we are succeeding, then I am convinced, as I have said before, we can withdraw and withdraw with honor, not according to a set timetable. And I’Â’m confident that is what Prime Minister Maliki is talking about, since he has told me that for many meetings weÂ’’ve had.”
    Will Maliki retract his words?

Only time will tell.
And yes, the GOP is fucked, but because of Decider George, the whole, wide world is fucked.

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