Sarah’s Surge to War

September 14, 2008

As the absolute horror of Jackboot John McCain sitting in the Oval office becomes much-more intense with each passing white-collar lipstick smear the real repugnance lies in death and killing and suffering from the Tigris and Euphrates to the south Texas coastline.

And what about his Number One?
Earmark Sarah Palin will be worse than Jackboot John — and that’s a shitload of worse.
Earmark Sarah’s surge into the public eyeball is a perfect example of artificial bullshit gorged into a tight-fitting gloved fist.
Listening to Enigma‘s sweet, Return to Innocence, makes one almost cry at the very thought of the affright of US peoples if Jackboot John makes the White House, then freakin’ croaks.

Jackboot John hasn’t a clue to what’s happening in Iraq, blubbering about the “surge” and “victory” with Earmark Sarah proclaiming going into Iraq was part-n-parcel a “task that is from God.”
See the Sarah war gospel here.
She’d even go after Russia.
And she herself gushed forth with the oldest Decider George lie — linked Iraq to 9/11.

Anyone with any sense and serious about the Constitution will see through Earmark Sarah, but the fear is there are way-too many US peoples out there lacking much sense.
Even the Middle East peoples are scared of the Jackboot/Earmark White House.

  • While talking heads have said they did not expect either administration to be more sympathetic to the Arab and Muslim causes, many are now saying that Obama would be the “lesser of two evils,” after having endured a George W. Bush administration that has launched an undefined and indefinite “war on terror” that is raging in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

And what’s really going on in Iraq?
There’s no surge happening now, the country seems to be sliding back into oblivion without anyone knowing or caring, except maybe the Iraqi peoples.
People who have been following Iraq closely know the so-called “surge” alone didn’t bring down the violence this past year from being way-obscene to just horrifying nowadays.
Several factors — Sunni Awakening, Sadr ceased rabble-rousing, and according to Bob Woodward, assassinations — put together aided in reducing the Iraq carnage.
And even with the “surge” as a military operation being completed, there’s still more US GIs in Iraq than before the tactic was even started — the situation there is shit-on-a-stick.

The best journalist on the job in Iraq is UK guy Patrick Cockburn (see a neat interview video of Cockburn here), who has always been a step ahead of the pack in providing the real skinny on the shit in Iraq.
Cockburn says the surge was highly overblown and, too, if Jackboot John is elected in less than two months, the real-bad shit could spring up, again.
Perception of Sarah Palin’s surge has clouded the perception of what’s really happening in Iraq.
From Cockburn’s piece Sunday in the UK’s Independent:

  • The perception in the US that the tide has turned in Iraq is in part because of a change in the attitude of the foreign, largely American, media.
    The war in Iraq has now been going on for five years, longer than the First World War, and the world is bored with it.
    US television networks maintain expensive bureaux in Baghdad, but little of what they produce gets on the air.
    When it does, viewers turn off. US newspaper bureaux are being cut in size.
    The result of all this is that the American voter hears less of violence in Iraq and can suppose that America’s military adventure there is finally coming good.

    If McCain wins the presidential election in November, his lack of understanding of what is happening in Iraq could ignite a fresh conflict.
    In so far as the surge has achieved military success, it is because it implicitly recognises America’s political defeat in Iraq.
    Whatever the reason for President George Bush’s decision to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein in 2003, it was not to place the Shia Islamic parties in power and increase the influence of Iran in the country; yet that is exactly what has happened.

    General Petraeus has had a measure of success in Iraq less because of his military skills than because he was one of the few American leaders to have some understanding of Iraqi politics.
    In January 2004, when he was commander of the 101st Airborne Division in Mosul, I asked him what was the most important piece of advice he could give to his successor.
    He said it was “not to align too closely with one ethnic group, political party, tribe, religious group or social element”.
    But today the US has no alternative but to support Mr Maliki and his Shia government, and to wink at the role of Iran in Iraq.
    If McCain supposes the US has won a military victory, and as president acts as if this were true, then he is laying the groundwork for a new war.

Surge to the polls all you US peoples.
An extremely important election this year — might be the most-important yet.

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