White House Tip To The Unemployed: Get A Job!

October 8, 2008

Dana Good

As the country heads for the financial bottom, up pops Decider George’s White House, a cesspool of such collective villainy it staggers the brain, with a suggestion for any US peoples who are currently unemployed: Just Go Out And Get A Job, You Lazy, Worthless Sonofabitches!

Sweet Miss Dana Perino (left) said during a press conference today that Decider George will most likely oppose any extension of unemployment benefits, apparently posturing a position that despite the shitfaced economy, jobless people should just get another job.

Hardcore, pure meanness.
Miss Dana should have been the mouthpiece for Marie Antoinette.

Off a question on the US House unemployment extension bill, which was passed last summer and would extend unemployment for all states for seven weeks, and for those that have high unemployment, above six percent, for an additional 13, Miss Dana blubbered, stalled and couldn’t come up with an answer.
She even contradicted the reporter asking the question, claiming Congress isn’t even in session.

  • Well, Paula, I don’t even think — Congress is not even in session, so there’s no legislation moving through Congress.
    We have supported unemployment benefit extensions in the past, although we wanted a shorter period of time than many had wanted.
    I don’t know if there’s some people recommending a 26-week extension.
    We cut that back to 13 weeks back in June.
    One of the reasons that we did that is because we want people to be able to return to the workplace as soon as possible.

Oh my gosh! It’s just so freakin’ easy!
Hey, Miss Dana, the US Senate reconvenes next month.

  • Well, let’s take it up then, Paula. I mean, it’s October 8th; there’s a long way to go between now and then.

Yeah, but what about…

  • Well, my point is, Paula, that one of the things that we want is we want people to be able to return to work.
    We understand that there are people that are hurting, but we’ve already extended the unemployment benefits.
    But if legislation isn’t moving between now and November 17th, if then, there’s not a lot that we can do in terms of getting a law passed.
    (Paula, the reporter?) So you assume that in states that have high unemployment that those people will be able to find jobs between October and —
    MS. PERINO: I hope that everybody who wants to find a job is able to find a job.
    I can only imagine the anxiety for people who are looking for a job and can’t find one.
    And it’s hard to put myself in their shoes because I haven’t been in that situation.
    But obviously states — and there are many of them — that have high unemployment rates have a lot of people who are suffering.
    But getting back to work would be the best way to help all of us, collectively, them individually, and then us as a country.

Miss Dana hasn’t “been in that situation” so she can truly understand how easy it is nowadays going out and “getting back to work.”
A heartless, arrogant position — why are we not surprised?

War and politics on the home front.
A few items listed on the staggering workplace from the Center for American Progress (hat tip to Think Progress):

  • The United States lost a total of 605,000 jobs in the first eight months of 2008, including 84,000 in August 2008.
  • For the past 12 months, the United States lost on average 23,600 jobs each month after gaining an average of 116,100 in the 12 months before that and 184,000 in the 12 months before then.
  • In August 2008, the unemployment rate was 6.1%—the highest level since September 2003. The African-American unemployment rate stood at 10.6%, the Hispanic unemployment rate at 8.0%, and the unemployment rate for whites at 5.4% in August 2008.
  • All prices rose by 24.5% from March 2001 to July 2008, food prices rose by 25.5%, fuels and utilities by 52.9%, medical care by 35.1%, transportation by 35.8%, and college tuition by 67.9%.

And that’s just the highlights.
Decider George and his cronies have ruined the US — indeed only eight years, but it will take decades and generations to un-do his doo-doo.
Maybe Miss Dana will be allowed to experience US life, be able to feel what it’s like in real shoes and be forced to hit the sidewalk looking for a damn job — Just let her eat cheesecake.

(Really, really pisser-of-an) UPDATE
Or an added insult.
From today’s Washington Post:

  • Only one day after it was revealed that AIG had sprung for a $440,000 spa vacation shortly after getting an $84 billion government-loan bailout comes this report: The government is loaning AIG another $38 billion.

    During a hearing before the House Oversight committee on Tuesday, it was revealed that just last week, about 70 of the company’s top performers were rewarded with a week-long stay at the luxury St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach, Calif., where they ran up a tab of $440,000, The Post’s Peter Whoriskey reported today.
    Oversight committee Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) showed a photograph of the resort, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and reported expenses for AIG personnel including $200,000 for rooms, $150,000 for meals and $23,000 for the spa, Whoriskey wrote.
    Today, AIG chief executive Edward Liddy defended the vacation by pouring gasoline on the fire.
    Such trips “are standard practice in our industry,” Liddy said, no doubt thrilling every other major insurance company.

And the Post story also cited a letter, this asshole, Liddy, wrote to Treasury Whiz Hank Paulson and obtained by ABC News — it summed up all the corrupt, ugly shit that’s been piped out of the White House and down the deep-throats of Wall Street.

  • “Let me assure you that we are re-evaluating the costs of all aspects of our operations in light of the new circumstances in which we are all operating,” Liddy wrote. “We understand that our company is now facing very different challenges — and that we owe our employees and the American public new standards and approaches.”

A lot of other US peoples are also “facing very different challenges” right now, but I betcha it don’t include no $400,000 spa visit.

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