Foo You

October 9, 2008

Amazing how music plays an intregal part of our lives — all music, too, even movie music.
A pisser is how music can be actually played wrong.
And be immorally legal.
Jackboot John McCain ain’t my hero, and the Foo Fighters think so, too.
News reports have surfaced the last couple of days the group objects to the use of “My Hero” in some of Jackboot John’s campaign shit.
This from’s Listening Post:

  • “The saddest thing about this is that ‘My Hero’ was written as a celebration of the common man and his extraordinary potential,” the politically active rock outfit said in a statement, which at this writing had not yet been posted to its official site.
    “To have it appropriated without our knowledge and used in a manner that perverts the original sentiment of the lyric just tarnishes the song.”
    “The McCain-Palin campaign respects copyright,” explained McCain-Palin spokesman Brian Rogers. “This campaign has obtained and paid for licenses from performing rights organizations, giving us permission to play millions of different songs, including ‘My Hero.'”

Foo Fighters

Jackboot John has pissed off a bunch of musicians/artists this year over the same thing the Foos (or is it, Fooes?) are currently protesting — the reference in the good Arizona senator’s political shenanigans indeed “perverts” the spirit of the music, if not the law of the song.
The McCain campaign have perverted the music of such diverse artists as John Mellencamp, Van Halen — Eddie and the boys, What the heck? — Heart, Jackson Browne and now the Foo Fighters, just to name a few referenced by the Wired article.

The shame is the intended audience for Jackboot John’s angry shit wouldn’t know Foo from Kung Fu.

(Photo above was found at blog On The Run).

Also from the Wired story:

  • According to the McCain campaign, Grohl should register his complaint with Capitol Records or the Recording Industry Association of America.
    Both have evidently been paid what are probably very fat fees by the Republican candidate’s camp to license nearly any tune it wants from their artists.

Karl Rove’s manifesto is like a festered sore — it will take a team of surgeons armed with battle axes to cut the US free of his policies.
A perversion of immense scale.

Ironically, a foo fighter operation is Jackboot John’s whole life.
During WWII, fighter pilots described “foo fighters” as aerial phenomenon, “supposedly used initially as a semi-derogatory reference to Japanese fighter pilots (known for erratic flying and extreme maneuvering), but it became a catch-all term for fast moving, erratically flying objects.”

Jackboot John is indeed a fast-moving, erratic flying asshole — oops, sorry, that was a foo moment.

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