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October 13, 2008

No wonder Jackboot John McCain can’t get any traction — Decider George has become beyond loathsome.

Bush Baby

A new ABC News poll today pretty much tells the tale:

  • Given the global economic crisis, a record 90 percent of registered voters say the country is seriously off on the wrong track, the most since this question first was asked in 1973.
    At 23 percent, Bush’s job approval rating has fallen below Nixon’s lowest; it’s a point away from the lowest in 70 years of polling, set by Harry Truman in early 1952.
    Bush’s disapproval, meanwhile, is at an all-time record – 73 percent.

Jackboot John is in the shits.

Further bad news from the ABC News poll:

  • One apparent result of these factors is a drop in McCain’s favorability rating, to 52 percent, a loss of 7 points since the Republican convention; 45 percent now see him unfavorably, a new high for McCain in polls since 1999.
    Obama’s rating, meanwhile, is 64 percent favorable, near its high and up 6 points in the same time frame.
    Enthusiasm for McCain’s candidacy, never strong, has softened alongside his favorability rating.
    Just 29 percent of his own supporters are “very enthusiastic” about his campaign, the fewest since August and down a sharp 17 points from his post-convention peak.
    By contrast, 63 percent of Obama’s backers are very enthusiastic, steady since September.
    McCain’s portrayal of Obama as a risky choice, further, is not resonating, and indeed may be backfiring. By 55-45 percent registered voters see Obama as safe rather than risky; by contrast, they divide 50-50 on whether McCain himself is safe or risky — down from 57-41 percent “safe” at McCain’s best on this measure in June.

    Another way to look at the challenge facing McCain is via the shadow of George W. Bush.
    Fifty-one percent of registered voters think McCain as president would lead the nation in the same direction as the profoundly unpopular Bush — as persistent a problem for McCain as experience has been for Obama.

And after hacking at the hackers on Wall Street the last couple of weeks, Jackboot John is having trouble getting those master-asses-of-the-universe to contribute to that all-important funding for the shell-shocked, failing campaign.
A fundraiser tomorrow night might have slim pickings.
According to the Wall Street Journal:

  • The McCain campaign hopes to raise $7 million at the event at a midtown Manhattan hotel. For $25,000, guests get a sit-down dinner and a photo with the Arizona lawmaker and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.
    Guests who pay $1,000 can attend a reception.
    And though a flurry of pledges in recent days reached the event’s fund-raising goal, organizers in recent weeks had struggled to fill the ballroom.

Money on the rope-a-dope.

(Illustration of crying, frightened baby with Decider George can be found here).

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