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October 15, 2008

Lincoln Crying

Watching this last debate is so depressing, I have to take more-than-the-usual smoke breaks.

I don’t understand live blogging — only been doing this a short while — and so this a kind of real-time, after-thought observations on Barack Obama and his table chatter with who we here call Jackboot John McCain, a guy that’s got to be one of the most crazed individuals ever to come down the political-people pike.

He’s the reason I gotta have a smoke every two-minutes.
Watching him gets hard after awhile.

Jackboot John reminds me of Steve Carell’s character in the TV sit-com, “The Office” — a character who’s so shameless, ignorant and dip-shitty, hurtful, sometimes spiteful, and forces an under-the-skin, not-so-comfortable feel.
I stopped watching the show some time ago despite the other office characters being really, really funny.

Even Bob Schieffer had to cut him off fairly sharply once tonight, leaving Jackboot John blubbering into the ether, and one gets ashamed for the guy — not-worth-a-shit yet so, so believes his shit don’t stink.
How can he, with a straight, seemingly-sincere face, say anything good about Sarah Palin — “a reformer, through-and-through.”
Sarah’s interview with Katie Couric had the same attitude as Jackboot John’s this evening — so damn, dumb-shit stupid one is forced to look away, ashamed for their arrogance.

Who in his right mind could ever vote for Jackboot John?
Over on TalkingPointsMemo there’s great coverage of the debate — even ‘live’ blogging and all kinds of other useful info.

One doesn’t know how good a president Obama will be, but for gosh-shit’s-sake, he’ll be a trillion dollars better than Jackboot John.
(Easy how such sums can now be realized in the brain — as in $700 billion bail out, or $250 billion to buys some banks, or the Iraq war costing a trillion dollars — a billion here, a billion there and after a bit, a trillion).

An image made for this election year is near half a century old — Bill Mauldin‘s sketch of a mourning, distraught Abe Lincoln, which appeared Nov. 23, 1963 in the Chicago Sun-Times.
Although Mauldin originally intended the art to represent the horror of JFK’s assassination, it can be readily applied to the US in 2008.
The Constitution is near shredded, official US foreign policy includes torture and nation destroying, the economy is tanking, every natural disaster becomes a major catastrophic event because of federal government incompetence, and 80 percent of US peoples consider the country is so off track it’s shit-faced crazy.
The illustration was found here.

Good night, and good luck.

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