‘Very Pleased’

November 24, 2008

Delusion is the child of ‘What, Me Worry?’
Especially if one doesn’t like homework and just goes with a gut instinct.

bush art

In a pre-recorded interview broadcast Sunday on a Japanese television network, Decider George blubbered through his lying, delusional teeth he was very pleased with how the Iraqi war has been handled and how wonderful the country has become the last five years.
Despite the slaughter.

(Illustration found here).

In the TV interview:

  • Saddam was an enemy of the United States and a lot of people thought he had weapons of mass destruction, Bush said, adding “remarkable” progress had been made in Iraq since the late dictator was toppled in 2003.
    “People have been able to take their troops out of Iraq because Iraq is becoming successful. I’m very pleased with what is taking place there now,” he said, adding there still is “a lot of work” to be done.

Successful at what?
Suicide bombings? Like the one yesterday at the entrance to Baghdad’s Green Zone or the killings countrywide.
Or even the horror of rape rolling across Iraq and into Jordan.
Or even back in the good, old US of A and shortchanging the benefits for families of killed GIs.

Decider George — We will be “very pleased” when your ass is gone!

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