Outta Iraq!

December 16, 2008

iraq warUnder the newly-approved SOFA arrangement in Iraq, US troops have to be out by 2011.
This dovetails with President-Elect Obama’s 16-month commitment to pull the plug on the Iraqi misadventure, but the way things happen, this may or may not be the reality.

Decider George’s Middle East entanglements leave a narrow window of opportunity to get the US military presence out of the country in s short space — US GIs have to withdraw to its bases by next summer.

(Illustration found here).

US peoples, however, want out of Iraq.
From the Washington Post this morning:

  • Despite growing perceptions of progress, most Americans want U.S. troops out of Iraq.
    The poll found that seven in 10 Americans think Obama should stick to his plan to withdraw most U.S. forces within 16 months, although there is some division about how quickly he should move on that promise.
    A majority of those who say the war is not worth its costs want Obama to focus on the pullout immediately, while those who support the war think he should move more slowly, if at all.

    Public views about Iraq are central to assessments of Bush’s job performance and his legacy.
    From the outset of the war, negative attitudes about the U.S. effort in Iraq have moved higher nearly in lock step with public disapproval of the president.
    Today, 30 percent of Americans approve of how Bush is doing his job; 68 percent disapprove.
    Bush’s approval numbers are up somewhat from the fall presidential campaign, when they bottomed out at 23 percent in Post-ABC News polling, but he gets little direct credit for improved perceptions of the situation in Iraq now.
    Bush has been below 50 percent in approval ratings for nearly four years, a record in presidential public opinion polls dating back 70 years.
    The last time a majority called the war worth fighting was in September 2004.

Only time will tell.

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