Day One

January 20, 2009

This morning is historic — an end of nightmares and bad daydreams, an inauguration of optimism, or at the very least, minimizing the impact-reality of those true vapor visions.

(Illustration of “Joy of New Beginnings” by Chidi Okoye found here).

Watching the news coverage of the run up to Barack Obama’s inauguration ushers up memories of National Lampoon‘s “Missing Basement Tapes” which disclosed Dick Nixon’s swearing out ceremony — A voice sounding just like the “right” Rev. Billy Graham screamed: “Gawd Damn you Richard Nixon! Richard Nixon, you Son-of-a-bitch, you lied your ass off to the American People. Now fuck off!
When I first heard this in the mid 1970s I laughed my youthful ass completely off.
We need a similar ceremony for Decider George.

Now we’re only a few minutes away from the big, big event.
Since the digital age is having trouble coming to grips with Northern California, I’ve become so sick of Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson on ABC (None of the other networks with accept my humble rabbit ears), so I’ve switched to Jim Lehrer on PBS — he sounds a lot better, more authoritative, more sense in his voice than those other two nit-wits.
The crowd seems to flow back as far as the camera eye can view, packed across the screen like human grass growing among the trees — shit load of people.

All the past presidents have filed in, the ceremony is near the starter’s gun.
Pictures of Michelle Obama — hottest First Lady since I was in sixth grade!
Jill Biden ain’t bad for an older woman either!

Lehrer says it right on as Decider George and Dufus Dick Cheney (wheeled out in a wheel chair — hurt his back shredding boxfuls of docs?) are presented: “Last time ‘Hail to the Chief’ will be played…” for those two bastards.
Now the real show!

Joe Biden, the old laugh-a-minute goofball — “I made it” — as he’s introduced.
And now Obama, walking like he getting married, as Lehrer notes, enters the history books as the ceremony approaches.

As Di Feinstein gives her little spiel about history and whatnot, the camera cuts to Decider George, who sits like a wounded skunk sitting on a dead tree trunk — lost in a sea of reality for the first time in eight years.
Fuck Rick Warren!
In a land of hypocrites!
Shut up! Enough!

A John Wiliiams composition, flutes, violins and where, may I ask, is JAWS?
Too soft for my taste — nowhere dramatic enough.


“Are you prepared to take the oath of office?”
“Congratulations Mr. President.”

Cries of “Obama! Obama!”

Barack’s speech:

Comments tonight…
(In my own reality, I’m a liquor-store clerk. Booze and smokes: Recession/Depression near-proof. And I’ve to go to work now, where the real financial reality gathers to stir and moan. People going to drank and smoke, walking in circles, worrying all about this new beginning, when the past in eating their ass way, way up).

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