Day One — Night

January 20, 2009

All day long President Obama played out across the airwaves — I listened to NPR at work, just about every aspect of the inauguration proceedings analyized, and little snippets caught between customers were dreary and boring.
An odd, flat day.
Read and see the whole shebang here and even see Decider George get booed here, but the event carried a sense of foreboding, beyond the dream-like images floating around the tube.

DC night
(Illustration found here).

A gut-level look at today’s most-fabulous Obama show was posted by Arthur Silber, most-likely one of the better, more interesting writers on contemporary life floating through the ether of the Internets.
Read Silber’s new piece at his Power of Narrative blog.
A snippet:

  • Given the expectations raised, empurpled, and swollen by Obama’s adulators, the speech on this occasion was … limp.
    What a moment to find that Obama simply wasn’t in the mood.
    Perhaps Obama’s Chief Groper should have used some of the suggestions I generously offered without charge. A more explicitly anatomical approach might have stiffened the performance. Ah, well. I tried to help.

Silber is brutal honest with a cutting edge and although his essays/intellectual rants are sometimes a bit lengthy, he’s well-worth the read.

My own second thoughts about Obama started last summer (beyond the hmmm…feeling on the FISA vote) with the episode of the nonchalant, three-point basketball toss during his visit with US troops in Kuwait.
See the video here.
A sense of way-confidence, measured, assured movements in how he handled the ball, an image of familiarity and he even heightens the anticipation with some goof-ball stretching.
As he’s about to shoot: “I may not make the first one, but I’ll make one eventually.”
The ball arks smoothly, then sinks easily through the net.
The soldiers go wild — as do most of Europe and the Lesser Antilles during that “celebrity” tour across Western civilization.
Just a pause to consider: Too slick, too cool for school.
Only tomorrow will tell.

One shining relief: George W. Bush is no long The Decider — now he’s just George Jr., the not-worth-a-shit layabout.

Watching now Jim Lehrer again on PBS in a final look-see (at least for me) of today’s most-momentous event, but it’s not something new, but the re-run of this morning’s show.
A circle around, ending up where we started.

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