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January 27, 2009

Watching Jack Bauer is like watching real-time terrorism at work — is everybody a terrorist?
Are those real-nasty and indiscriminate drone attacks into Pakistan last week, after apparently President Obama gave the thumbs up, be considered terrorism?

sand art What about that US Special Forces attack earlier this month in eastern Afghanistan — another heated disagreement between US PR and reality on what really happened that night and what really happened to that small village?

Terror seems to be in the eye of the beholder.
The folklore of terrorism is that the enemy is THEM not us.
(Illustration found here).

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the horror of terror has been somewhere else, in some other country, in some other person’s home or village.
The problem is the US can create acts of terror itself, all covered by a blanket of respectable, law-and-order motives, but still kill innocent men, women and especially children.
As the Gaza war has recently shown, innocent people just get in the damn way.
Thoughts on this came from an antiwar.com blog, which pointed out the historical slant of terrorist vs legal police action, and the US falls short.
A small, thought-provoking piece about Obama as terrorist:

  • If so, it’s not because he has associated with Bill Ayers.
    He did, however, order a terrorist attack on Pakistan that resulted in the deaths of civilians.
    That is a hard statement because we have been conditioned to believe that governments don’t commit acts of terrorism, terrorists do.
    Well, we probably all learned in school that during the French Revolution, the government’s Committee of Public Safety carried out what was called the Reign of Terror.
    I know I did, but never thought about it until I was recently reading The War on Terror: How Should Christians Respond?, by Nick Megoran (IVP, 2008).
    Says Megoran: “Richard Falk, a professor of law at Princeton University, observes that the word terrorism first emerged as applied to the activities of the French revolutionary government, which used violence against civilian society to terrorize the population into acquiescing to the new government.”
    How could I have forgotten this?
    But even worse, how can so many Americans believe that a terrorist is anyone who detonates a bomb but doesn’t wear a U.S. Air Force uniform?

Where is the stop point?

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