Stomp: The Out-Of-Tune Musical

October 27, 2010

Less than a week to go before this infamous mid-term election cycle and the twisted political scene reveals some really mean, nasty and bat-shit-crazy people out there.
In the 50 years I’ve been personally aware of politics and its meanings, there’s never been a scene so screwed as the 2010 version.

There’s an obvious violent and hate-filled segment clotting up the polls this year.

The ballot is a smorgasbord from the tasty Prop 19 in California to a Wisconsin Republican state Senate candidate who compared Lincoln with Adolf Hitler claiming Hitler wasn’t the “righteous character” as Honest Abe.

(Illustration found here).

Of course, right now the biggest WTF incident came in the Kentucky Senate race, a volunteer for Rand Paul, the Republican candidate, assaulted a liberal activist in Lexington Monday night, stomping his foot on her neck and shoulder.
The incident, in this Web-view world, was caught on video and it depicts this big asshole stomping on a woman’s head — open political discussion it ain’t.
And like a baby, Paul blubbered it wasn’t part of his political procedure.
On Fox News last night:

“There was a bit of a crowd control problem,” Paul told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum. “I don’t want anybody though to be involved in things that aren’t civil.”
“And it is an unusual situation to have so many people so passionate on both sides jockeying back and forth,” he continued.
“It wasn’t something that I liked or anybody liked about that situation. So I hope in the future it is going to be better,” Paul said.


As the entire world spins quickly out of control — wars, climate change, financial meltdowns all over the place, zombies attack New York City — the 2010 mid-term elections may be the reality-end to the American dream.
Now it’s a never-ending nightmare all the way.

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