‘Weather Bomb’ Winter

October 28, 2010

Eye witness to climate change.
From ThinkProgress and Minnesota meteorologist Paul Douglas:

Yesterday a rapidly intensifying storm, a “bomb”, spun up directly over the MN Arrowhead, around mid afternoon a central pressure of 953 millibars was observed near Orr.
That’s 28.14″ of mercury. Bigfork, MN reported 955 mb, about 28.22″ of mercury.
The final (official) number may be closer to 28.20-28.22″, but at some point the number becomes academic. What is pretty much certain is that Tuesday’s incredible storm marks a new record for the lowest atmospheric pressure ever observed over the continental USA.
That’s a lower air pressure than most hurricanes, which is hard to fathom.

And what makes Douglas’ words so special?
He’s been GOPed into shame:

I’m a recovering Republican, and I don’t recognize my party any more.
I’m ashamed so many Republicans don’t recognize the science.
The writing is on the wall.

My dad was the biggest Republican that ever walked the earth.
He always said: “Actions have consequences.”
To pretend that a 38 percent increase in greenhouse gases isn’t going to have any impact, that we can have our cake and eat it too, and smear it all over our face, and maybe have our grandchildren deal with the hangover, I think it is immoral.

Apparently, from all indications anyone running Republican — i.e. Tea Party — are climate change asshole-deniers, despite bad weather shit hitting the fan right in the middle of middle America, not Pakistan, or the Arctic.
Climate change, global warming, etc., etc., is the biggest, most ominous threat (among a shitload of lesser, though still horrific threats) facing mankind — and to even think of denying it is way, way-worse than immoral.

Read a good background description of these storms from weatherman, Dr. Jeff Masters here.

(Once again, big h/t to Climate Progress).

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