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January 19, 2011

(Illustration found here).

Rare for me to not find a specific subject to write about in the early morning — in fact, it’s usually the exact opposite as there’s so much weird shit happening all over the world that’s it’s kind of easy to find a source for a blog.
This morning, however, despite surfing the news sites, reading tons of very, very, very important stuff, I just couldn’t come up with a viable idea, or a hook to hang some words on and create a piece of literary majic wherein a whole shitload of different world’s peoples would simply adore.

I did shift through the ether for these possibilities:

— The UK resumes its Iraqi war inquiry, the so-called Chilcot panel with more lies from Tony Blair.
— Suicide rates for US National Guard and Reserves units has been on the rise.
— Despite all the bad-mouthing of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, there’s there’s really nothing heavy duty found within “Cablegate.’
“Baby Doc” returns to Haiti and is promptly arrested for corruption after 25 years.
— Goldman Sach is expected to to achieve more windfall profits (assholes).
— Joe Liberman calls it quits (a decade too late).
Clint Eastwood is 80, but apparently will be making movies forever.

Half-a-dozen plus one of about 10 news subjects I pursued, but nothing that slapped me in the face or could really wrap my festered brain around — so a blog block developed.
Tomorrow a brain laxative to ease the blockage.

Happy Hump Day!

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