‘Farewell Friday’ — Why Don’t The Sonofabitch Leave?

February 11, 2011

As simple as one, two — bye, bye.

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As events in Egypt reach once again a kind of flash point Friday after Hosni Mubarak showed himself as mentally-unhinged in not only not stepping aside, down or in some kind of way displaying a sense he needs to get the shit out of Dodge (or Cairo), but he also rubbed the faces of Egyptian peoples in bullshit.
In a turnabout bit of spin control Thursday evening, the old corrupt bastard was defiant, self-centered and a liar: He said he was talking to Egypt’s people via a “speech from the heart.”
And from the hearts of thousands in Tahrir Square was the desire to beat the freakish asshole to pieces with their shoes — to say Mubarack’s speech was a let-down is a gross understatement as everybody on the planet apparently figured the old fuck would make some move to leave.

Anyway, that’s what everybody figured.
Thursday morning, the head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, told the US House Intelligence Committee there was a “strong likelihood” that Hosni was step down later in the day — wrong!
Quickly, Panetta’s lackeys tried to backtrack, claiming their boss was only following media reports: But by then, the comments had ricocheted around the Internet, underscoring U.S. confusion about events unfolding in Egypt, as well as the perils of publicly weighing in on such developments while serving as director of CIA.
Instead of using the world’s supposedly most-advanced intelligence system, Leon was getting his information from TV — give us an $80-billion break.
Jason Ditz of antiwar.com nailed it:

It seems right now the indication is absolutely yes, that despite massive aid, decades of close ties, and the largest spying infrastructure on the planet, the US intelligence community appears to have no real grasp on the Egyptian situation, and really is just watching TV and hoping the media analysts are right in their predictions.

Which leads us to Friday morning.
The big question is what the Egyptian army will do.
Despite reports the military has been just watching the events unfold, the UK’s the Guardian has reported the army has secretly detained hundreds and possibly thousands of suspected government opponents and is torturing the shit out of them — and protesters have to only look like protesters, or even just have in possession a flyer:

“Their range is very wide, from people who were at the protests or detained for breaking curfew to those who talked back at an army officer or were handed over to the army for looking suspicious or for looking like foreigners even if they were not,” he said.
“It’s unusual and to the best of our knowledge it’s also unprecedented for the army to be doing this.”

On midday Friday, a statement from the army said the 30-year emergency law was “to be lifted” as soon as events allow, which is the important note, as to when that time will arrive.
A sense of horror and sadness overcomes me — the images of the last three weeks is a kind of heart-lifting fling of hope for people who have had a shitty life and only, and this is the key, ‘only‘ want to live like any decent human being would want to live.
And the huge amount of young people, like real young, like children, who have come to the square to proclaim the revolt over evil.
Protest organizers are seeking 20 million people to come out into the streets of Egypt’s cities today in a push to shove the corrupt government out of the country.
Flowers or a bloodbath — I sincerely hope it’s flowers.
But in the shit-eating words of Omar Suleiman, the torture queen and Hosni’s vice president, who spoke on TV right after Mubarak’s pitiful spiel:

“Youth of Egypt, heroes of Egypt, go back to your homes and businesses. The country needs you so that we build, develop and create,” Suleiman said.
“Do not listen to tendentious radios and satellite televisions which have no aim but ignite disorder, weaken Egypt and distort its image.”

Too late, asshole!

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