Sleep Not, Sweet Prince

March 30, 2011

This story from last week (via Forbes):

Federal safety officials are investigating a report that two planes landed at Reagan National Airport without control tower clearance because the air traffic controller was asleep.
An aviation official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the incident, said the single controller — a supervisor — was scheduled for duty in the tower at that time but had fallen asleep.

What’s a body to do?

(Illustration found here via Google Images).

Apparently, it’s not to sleep.
US peoples have a tendency to place awake over sleep, we be tough.
And we’ve a debt beyond the house, the car and kids off to college…
From the New York Times:

Sleep Machismo means valuing sleep loss over sleep, placing all activities above the basic human need of sleep and celebrating the machismo of the sleep-deprived.
Americans perceive sleep as an expendable luxury, rather than a biological necessity.
Day after day, week after week, we choose to defer bedtime in the interests of a favorite TV show, reading one more article, answering one more e-mail, or catching up on the phone.
All the while, we are accumulating sleep debt — a debt which, like financial debt, incurs steep penalties.

But we can brush it all off with a nice afternoon nap.
The big problem, I believe, is what happens when we actually get to sleep.
This from a horrific new study:

A study conducted at the University of San Diego found that during an average night’s sleep, at least 14 different animals, ranging from ants to Gila monsters to wounded possums, are likely to scurry, slither, or crawl across a slumbering individual’s body.
“You become a virtual playground for these creatures mere minutes after you fall asleep, inhaling dozens of insects and swallowing up to 17 spiders during an eight-hour period,” lead researcher Jack Paulette told reporters Thursday, adding that earwig colonies spend each night hatching thousands of their young in and around human genitalia.
“If you’re lying in bed and feel as if something has just brushed across your leg, that’s because something actually has. In most cases, snakes.”
Paulette added that it’s not uncommon for a baby mountain goat to clamber upon one’s shoulder at night in an attempt to find purchase, and that people who awaken with mountain-goat afterbirth in their bedsheets should know they aren’t alone.

(The Onion).

Good morning, hope you slept well.
There’s still a nuclear holocaust brewing in Japan, a crazy no-fly flying war in Libya, and if you can’t sleep, try acupressure, yoga and tai chi.
If nothing else, sleeping beauty, lose them dumb-ass PJs.

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