Tea Party Blowback

March 31, 2011

Despite the over-abundance of mustard, a shit sandwich is still a shit sandwich.
US peoples know stupid when they realize it — something ain’t right: Just 32 percent of respondents viewed the tea party favorably, while a record-high 47 percent had a negative view of the movement that propelled Republicans to dramatic Congressional victories last November. Fourteen percent had no opinion, and 7 percent said they’ve never heard of the tea party.
One really wonders about that 7 percent, though.

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The American voter is a fickle sum-bitch.
And now nearly six months after the November mid-term elections, anyone with any kind of walking around sense can see those assholes powered into office by right-wing fringe peoples, i.e., Tea Party, are not real bright and are NOT for the best interests of the county — especially is funding the federal government.
From Raw Story:

Senate Democrats on Tuesday posed an ultimatum to Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on the budget: Bring your tea party “extremists” in line or prepare for a government shutdown come April 8.

“Our problem is that we see now that Speaker Boehner is yielding to the extremes of his party, basically saying he’s not going to negotiate, take it or leave it,” Cardin said, insisting that Democrats were eager to compromise and cede ground to reach a deal.
“The anchor around the neck of these negotiations is a relatively small, extreme group of ideologues on the Republican side,” Blumenthal added.
“They are an anchor that needs to be cut loose. Only Speaker Boehner can do it, and he needs to do it now, otherwise we will have a shutdown.
The ball is in his court.”

Does The Boner have a court?

Of course, anyone with a TV and walking around sense knows the Tea Party wouldn’t exist, much less put people into public office, without Fox News, which pushed the movement in 2009 into becoming a cloutish, oafish group without a moral, ethical or Constitutional center.
And the US Constitution is supposedly what rules — not a mean document, most likely one of the best put-together such items in all of history.
The fine print, however, can’t be seen by the far-right fringe.
Even the GOP, which has gathered strength from Tea Party wing-nuts, can see the sloppy handwriting on the out-house wall and are running scared.
From Capitol Hill Blue:

Tea party advocate Sen. JIm DeMint (R-S.C.) admits his party is in trouble without the tea baggers.
“Unless the tea party stays active, we will wilt,” he said Tuesday.
Around the country, prominent Republicans show a shift away from the rabid right-wing rhetoric of the Tea Party.
Barbara Bush supports gay marriage, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels says the GOP should spend more time on budget and economic issues and less time on social agendas and Sarah Palin’s poll numbers are plummeting.
Tea party supporters plan to rally in Washington today and some Republicans plan to stay away from the event, fearing that aligning themselves with the increasingly unpopular movement will hurt them in the next election.

Operative words there: ‘the increasingly unpopular movement.’

And voters have developed a kind of political buyer’s remorse: A PPP poll of registered voters released today shows that in a hypothetical re-do of last year’s gubernatorial election, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) would lose to Democrat Alex Sink by a nearly 20-point margin, 56%-37%. Scott won a squeaker of an election last year, edging out Sink by about one point.
A nasty similarity to Wisconsin GOP/Tea Party Gov. Scott Walker and others as US peoples get wind of the stink.

And when the ignorant gain power, it’s just a short jump to pure stupid.
In Wisconsin, the asshole behind the curtain could be naked.
From HuffPost:

The Republicans are walking a political fine line by moving ahead as if the law is in effect while apparently defying the court, said Charles Franklin, a University of Wisconsin-Madison political science professor.
“They naturally want to continue to support their side of the argument, but I think they run the risk of making this look like a claim to being able to do whatever they want regardless,” Franklin said.
“At some point strength starts to look like arrogance.”

Tea Party then becomes a big laugh as it strikes hard the garbage pile of history.

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