Drone On ‘Heroes’

April 22, 2011

We can all rest much, much easier as Jackboot John McCain has his slippers fast on the ground in Libya: Aljazeera ‘s Sue Turton, reporting from Benghazi, said McCain told reporters he was there to meet the Transitional National Council and members of the military to assess the situation on the ground.
He also denied concerns about the possibility of extremist or al-Qaeda elements fighting alongside the rebel forces, saying “they [rebel fighters] are my heroes”.

(Illustration found here).

President Obama okayed on Thursday the use of unmanned drone strikes in Libya, but he surely couldn’t have meant Jackboot John — one asshole of a drone if there’s ever been one (and don’t call him Shirley).
Just ask the Foo Fighters, they don’t much care for McCain as their ‘Hero.’

Jackboot John aside (who, however, can possibly forget his blubbering ‘we are all Georgians‘), the dust-up in Libya has indeed mission creeped its way into a full-blown military operation as Obama has green-lighted the use of those nefarious predator drones in combating Muammar Gaddafi’s forces — the shit will hit the oil-stained fan now.

Defense Secretary Bob Gates made the drone announcement at a Pentagon briefing, but it was Marine Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who blubbered the biggest pile of bullshit.
From the Washington Post:

“What they will bring that is unique to the conflict is their ability to get down lower, therefore to be able to get better visibility on targets that have started to dig themselves into defensive positions,” Cartwright said. “They are uniquely suited for urban areas.”
He added, “It’s very difficult to pick friend from foe. So a vehicle like the Predator that can get down lower and can get IDs better helps us.”

Yeah, right — just as the military talking heads went silent, came this report of 25 killed (including three women) this morning in Pakistan from at least two drone strikes, and last week, drones are suspected in the killing of two US servicemen in Afghanistan — oops, my bad — in a case of so-called ‘friendly fire:’ One official stressed that at this point the incident is being treated as a suspected fratricide.
Pakistan has continued to blast the US over the drone strikes, calling them a “core irritant” in keeping a happy working relationship going between the two countries.
The US apparently just replied F**k you, or words to that effect.
Or just deny shit.
Using the US playbook — In a NATO air-strike (of regular manned jet aircraft) yesterday on a Tripoli suburb that reportedly killed seven civilians and wounded some 18 others, NATO was at first denying the reports, claiming there was “no indication” any of the people were civilians and ruled out any investigation into the matter, but then later said something like this: In spite of the denial, NATO Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard issued a statement in the wake of the attacks urging Libyan civilians to “distance themselves from Gadhafi regime forces and equipment whenever possible.”
(from antiwar.com).

Maybe when the whirl of the drone is heard, just bend over and kiss your ass bye-bye.

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