‘Cold, Cruel and Irresponsible’

April 25, 2011

Never in US political memory has the discourse become so full of one-sided hate and animosity toward the unwashed masses, i.e., the poor and other meaningless pieces of considered flotsam supposedly throttling the rich from getting even-more richer — Republicans are ranting against humanity.

And the shocker is that these GOP claptrap assholes appear not to give a shit anymore and will say the first mean-spirited thing that apparently comes to mind, like that Kansas state representative who claimed illegal immigrants should be hunted down and shot like feral hogs.
(Illustration found here).

One thing, however, is that these guys are monstrously naive and stupid about the general public — people will take this shit for so long — like that Kansas asshole, for instance.
Democratic leaders in the Kansas state legislature reported Friday they will offer up a resolution condemning Virgil Peck (the asshole): “Although Rep. Peck has the right to free speech … that right does not include the advocacy of gratuitous, deadly violence against other human beings,” the resolution states.
Peck squeezed his shriveled nut-sack a bit and blubbered out what was put forth as an apology, that he’d made “an inappropriate comment,” but the offering didn’t impress anyone and didn’t “display the remorse that is necessary to remedy this wrong.”
The unrepentant Peck ain’t the only turd coming under the stern, hot light of reality.

David A. (“visit to the woodshed“) Stockman in Sunday’s New York Times:

Trapped between the religion of low taxes and the reality of huge deficits, the Ryan plan appears to be an attack on the poor in order to coddle the rich.
To the Democrats’ invitation to class war, the Republicans have seemingly sent an R.S.V.P.

The backlash is flaring up amongst common folk against GOP mean-spirited political bullshit in nasty, town hall confrontations, and even some Republicans, like Stockman, pointing out just how “cold, cruel and irresponsible” are these people with their antics.

The above utterance of ‘cold, cruel‘ came from the lips of GOP flak Alex Castellanos,  who let it slip out Sunday morning on NBC‘s Meet The Press, and although he tried to back-peddle a bit, the words betrayed truly the vicious, uncaring sentiment seeping from the right onto everything they do. (h/t and good look at Castellanos’ TV appearance at Crooks and Liars).
In fact, the ‘cold, cruel‘ attitude has so scared GOPers, especially those in the US House who voted on that Paul Ryan bullshit earlier this month (which included a sweeping overhaul of Medicare): House leaders have scheduled a Tuesday conference call in which members are expected in part to discuss strategies for defending the vote they took this month on a budget that would transform the popular entitlement program as part of a plan to cut trillions in federal spending.
Anything helpful to the poor is government waste.

Prime fat-ass example: New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christy’s attempt to slash $820 million in state aid to schools was found last month by a state court to be in direct contradiction to state law because the cuts were slanted too heavily towards poor districts.
Christy, however, claimed Friday he just may defy the court order.
From newjersey.com:

Paul Tractenberg, a Rutgers law professor and founder of the Education Law Center, which filed the lawsuit challenging the cuts, said Christie’s comments go far beyond the usual grumbling about the court’s decisions.
“I don’t think governors have ever said flat-out they were thinking of ignoring a court order,” he said. “We’d be in uncharted terrain … We essentially convert government into a dictatorship.”

And in Tennessee on Friday, legislation prohibiting teachers from discussing homosexuality, even saying the word “gay” in kindergarten through eighth-grade classrooms was approved by a key committee in the state senate.
Via Raw Story:

The bill’s sponsor, Republican State Senator Sen. Stacey Campfield, said he was not homophobic, but the progressive blog ThinkProgress recently dug up a 2009 radio interview in which he compares homosexuality to bestiality.
“You teach about the Civil Rights Movement,” the state senator was asked. “Why not teach about the Gay Rights Movement?”
“Because they’re different types of movements,” Campfield responded. “If I want to talk about the bestiality movement, do you think we should be teaching that?”

Is the current GOP the party of Eisenhower, or even freakin’ Dick Nixon?
Hard to say, but they are indeed cold, cruel and irresponsible.

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