Bad Boomerang Effect

July 25, 2011

There’s an absolute truism in the saying, ‘What Comes Around, Goes Around,” albeit for the vast amount time, we never see or feel this effect — what you do today will show up tomorrow.

Open big mouth, insert .44 magnum,  start blasting away.

The horror this weekend in Norway: Right-wing websites quickly pointed the finger at “jihadis,” and Pamela Geller, publisher of the website Atlas Shrugs and executive director of Stop Islamization of America, wrote on her site: “You can ignore jihad, but you cannot avoid the consequences of ignoring jihad.”

(Illustration found here).

Then, of course, the arrest of a nutcase: Described by police as a “right-wing Christian fundamentalist.”
Christianity is a religion of pure hypocrisy.
In Europe first.
From Aljazeera English:

Ali Esbati, an economist at the Manifest Center for Social Analysis, says the negative perception of Muslims in Europe has become a “convergence point” among right-wing groups, who spread the viewpoint of Muslims as an “occupying force and threat to Western society”.
“The wider problem is that it’s not even radical Islam that’s seen as a threat — it’s the idea that all of Islam or Muslims are a threat,” said Esbati.
“So these (right-wing) radicals find a wider acceptance in mainstream politics.”

But it’s in the US where the real dumb-ass shit is blubbered, and retained by nutcase-fear-killers.
From Think Progress:

Many other conservatives committed similar follies.
AEI’s Ahmad Majidyar published a post about the links between Norway and al Qaeda.
FDD president Cliff May openly speculated at Pajamas Media that the attack was probably a “retaliatory” strike for the recent indictment of a radical Islamic militant in Norway.
Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin made multiple references to jihadist attackers on Twitter in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.
Josh Trevino, a GOP activist and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, sarcastically quipped that he “suspected Lutherans” for the attack while also saying it was part of a “jihad.”
Conservative activist Andrew Breitbart and RedState’s Erick Erickson were quick to join in as well.
Even after the identity of the suspected attacker was known, Erickson went up with a bizarre new post claiming some sort of difference between Christian and Muslim terrorists.

A difference between what?
From the hypocrite, shit-kicker Erickson:

With Christians, it is rather rare to see a self-described Christian engage in heinous terrorist acts.
In fact, in as much as there is an Arab Street filled with muslims more often than not cheering on the latest terrorist act of radical Islamists, you will be very hard pressed to find a Christian who does not condemn the act regardless of the faith of the person doing the killing.

Secular leftists and Islamists are both of this world.
Christians may be traveling through, but we are most definitely not of the world.
In fact, Christ commands us to throw off our ties to this world.
But the things of this world love this world and hate the things of God.
That’s why secular leftism can embrace both activist homosexuals and activist muslims when the latter would, when true to their faith, be happy to kill the former.
All of them can pile on and condemn the Christian because the Christian is just passing through, a stranger in a strange land.

So much pure lying, self-centered bullshit — passing through while destroying everything in its journey’s path.

Including the 2009 report from the US Homeland Security Department’s detailing how home-grown, right-wing terrorists were growing in this country — despite the fact a majority of the 86 major foiled and executed terrorist plots in the United States from 1999 to 2009 were unrelated to al-Qaeda and allied movements.
The right-wing so pissed and moaned about that report that DHS stepped way back, too far back.
From the Washington Post in June:

The decision to reduce the department’s role was provoked by conservative criticism of an intelligence report on “Rightwing Extremism” issued four months into the Obama administration, the officials said.
The report warned that the poor economy and Obama’s election could stir “violent radicalization,” but it was pilloried as an attack on conservative ideologies, including opponents of abortion and immigration.
In the two years since, the officials said, the analytical unit that produced that report has been effectively eviscerated.
Much of its work — including a digest of domestic terror incidents and the distribution of definitions for terms such as “white supremacist” and “Christian Identity” — has been blocked.

As I stated before, and I’ll keep repeating it, the US and the world faces it biggest obstacle to getting any serious work done on a nasty smorgasbord of troubles is America’s right-wing nit-twits, from the current debt ceiling bullshit, to climate change, peak oil, and even operation of the Federal Aviation administration.
This hole in sanity will always blowback or boomerang on the innocent.

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