‘Exploding’ Brains — Re-Writing History

August 29, 2011

“I didn’t set out to embarrass the president or not embarrass the president,’’ Cheney told Gangel. “If you look at the book, there are many places in it where I say some very fine things about George Bush. And believe every word of it.’’
— Dick Cheney, lying again on NBC

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Deep in the middle of Hurricane Irene’s churn up the US eastern seaboard this weekend, Colin Powell braved the elements to take the stand Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation to unleash some much-heated words about The Dick Cheney’s new book of near fiction, ‘In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir,’ another entry in an already ugly pile of bogus-books belched-out this year from a group of assholes trying to explain away/justify George Jr.’s eight horrible years as president.

And as The Dick had told NBC’s Jamie Gangel, “There are gonna be heads exploding all over Washington,” because of the great, wondrous revelations in the book, Powell’s visit to CBS was apparently to show his head was still intact.
Powell explains:

“My head isn’t exploding, I haven’t noticed any other heads exploding in Washington DC,” said Powell, who scathingly suggested this was the kind of language expected from a supermarket tabloid, not a former vice president.

Powell also accused Cheney of seeking to smear his successor as secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, as well as ex-CIA director George Tenet.
“He’s taken the same shots at Condi, with an almost condescending tone.
She tearfully did this, or that.
And he’s taken the same shots at George Tenet,” said Powell, who, like Cheney, was a Republican appointed by Bush.

“Mr. Cheney may forget that I’m the one who said to President Bush, ‘if you break it you own it’,” he said, adding pointedly: “Mr. Cheney and many of his colleagues did not prepare for what happened after the fall of Baghdad.”

Powell added: “Mr. Cheney is free to say what he wishes, but so far I haven’t seen anything in it that is as explosive as he claims it is, and I don’t see any heads laying on the street.”

The only head we want to see laying in the street is The Dick’s.
Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation, was near-about giddy last night reporting on Powell’s interview during a segment of CBS Evening News — the media loves bullshit.

Read a run-down of The Dick’s early political life revealed in the book at Politico — really nothing new.

In Newsweek, a comment on the book took a different tone, reflecting how the political waters have become not so muddy and nasty was it was a couple of years ago — President Obama has adjusted George Jr.’s playbook for these perilous times.
The money bit:

When he signed the deal in 2009, he was in bunker mentality—an embattled ideologue gearing up to defend a deeply unpopular terrorism policy under constant attack from the left.
As his tome arrives in bookstores at summer’s end, the battlefield has changed dramatically.
His defense brief lands after the court of public opinion has ruled—in his favor.
President Obama has largely adopted the Cheney playbook on combating terrorism, from keeping Gitmo open to trying suspected enemies of the state in military tribunals.
Obama’s drone war, which has quadrupled the number of attacks in the past two years, reflects Cheney’s whatever-it-takes approach.
The leftist wrath once trained on Bush’s veep is aimed at the Democratic incumbent these days.
Even the Bush-Cheney pro-democracy doctrine, born as a substitute rationale for the Iraq War after the failure to find WMD, is bearing fruit, toppling dictators from Cairo to Tripoli.
The dirty little secret of the last few years is that the man George Bush called “Big Time” won.
We’re all Cheneyites now.

Some terrible shit, huh?

The Dick’s tome follows others seeped in the delicate art of re-writing history — George Tenet, of CIA fame, disgracefully blubbered out his own recollections; L. Paul Bremer, the US chief in Iraq during the chaos horror of the early Iraq mess, dribbled his version of events (supposedly Bremer and George Jr. got along well because of ‘their shared interest in physical exercise;’ and even Condi Rice is putting the finishing touch on her view, ‘No Higher Honour,’ set for release in November, and is reportedly a ‘candid’ look at the Bush White House — more bullshit to blubber the airwaves and make Schieffer more animated.

These volumes of mule shit not only are messing with actual history, but are cruel and ugly to those who bought into George Jr. and The Dick’s lies spanning nearly a decade.
A case in point is another dickhead’s so-called memoir, this one by Don Rumsfeld — the title taken from Rummy’s ignorant/cute phrase, ‘Known and Unknown,’ which blew even more smoke up the ass of collective America.
Last Friday, the bullshit ran smack dab into the face of reality.
From The News Tribune in Tacoma, WA:

Two people were removed from a Donald Rumsfeld book signing Friday at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, including the Yelm widow of an Army Ranger who blames the military for her husband’s suicide.
Security officers for the former secretary of defense escorted Ashley Joppa-Hagemann out by the arm, she said Saturday.
She and Jorge Gonzalez, the executive director of Coffee Strong, a Lakewood-based anti-war group, confronted Rumsfeld as he promoted his memoir, “Known and Unknown.”
According to an account posted on Coffee Strong’s website:
“Mrs. Joppa-Hagemann introduced herself by handing a copy of her husband’s funeral program to Rumsfeld, and telling him that her husband had joined the military because he believed the lies told by Rumsfeld during his tenure with the Bush administration.”
Joppa-Hagemann complained about Rumsfeld’s response Friday to her account of Staff Sgt. Jared Hagemann’s multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and his death at age 25. Hagemann belonged to the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.
The website said Rumsfeld’s “only response was to callously quip, ‘Oh yeah, I heard about that.’”

Joppa-Hagemann says her husband took his own life to avoid another tour in Afghanistan after Rangers pressured him to drop his plans to leave the military.
She has been pushing for a ceremony honoring him.
Her efforts were the subject of a front-page story in Thursday’s News Tribune.
She said Jared Hagemann believed when he enlisted that he would be fighting in Iraq for “justice for 9/11” and to find weapons of mass destruction.
“All I could do was just really be happy at that moment that I got to tell Donald to his face that he was a liar,” she said in an interview Saturday, “and put a face to a soldier that because of him is no longer alive.”

And all Rummy had to say, “Yeah, I heard about that?”
A lot of people are looking for justice, but sadly they won’t get any from all these assholes, who have created nothing more than a growing library of lies.

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