No Time for Time

August 28, 2011

(Illustration of Francisco Goya’s ‘Disaster of War‘ found here).

US peoples — and for the final matter — all the world’s peoples stand not-so-nimbly on the edge of a strange and nefarious, swiftly-shifting, era in time, where all these multi-layered gushers filled with historical debris are coming swiftly from all directions, inundating all aspects of modern life.
And it’s not just these continuing confounding natural disasters, currently taking the form of Hurricane Irene, which already has caused 11 deaths in four states, and just after 9 a.m. Pacific time Sunday is knock-knocking at the Big Apple’s door, or those horrible string of tornadoes this past spring.
Or even that 5.8 shaker pulsating out of Virginia last Tuesday.

Anxiety — WTF.
An Ipsos poll in early August indicated not only are US peoples in a record majority think the country is ‘off on the wrong track,’ but the future looks like shit — almost half (47 percent) now say that ‘the worst is yet to come,’ an increase of 13 points from last summer when this question was last asked.
Uncertainty is manifested throughout a most-shoddily built, Ponzi-schemed structure that’s modern civilization.
As such is nowadays can be summed — from The Big Picture this morning on financial insanity, though, it could applied to a shitload of stuff: Banks are increasingly following Tennessee Williams’ advice for survival: “We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.”

And in the adage, ‘timing is everything,’ contain some bits of truth.

A capture I found is these words from Emily Dickinson:

Departed to the judgment,
A mighty afternoon;
Great clouds like ushers leaning,
Creation looking on.

The flesh surrendered, cancelled,
The bodiless begun;
Two worlds, like audiences, disperse
And leave the soul alone.

Every man/woman to their own tent and be ready.

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