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October 15, 2011

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As the entire world gears itself into the mesh of the Occupy Wall Street movement today — marching on Broadway en route to police headquarters last month, the photo above depicts the singular, unique wonder of an ageless, non-political protest — and there are events scheduled from London, Cologne and Zurich to Johannesburg, Taipei, Seoul and Hong Kong, including sites in between, in total solidarity with those folks still gathered in New York’s Zuccotti Park.

The crusade gained points on Friday when New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg blinked on getting the park cleaned via the NYPD — Stephen Levin, city council member from the 33rd District in Brooklyn: “This park has become a symbol of this movement,” Levin said. “The fact that it’s a block from Wall Street with thousands of people here, you can’t ignore it.”
And you can’t neglect the political power contained therein.
Therefore, lies the problem.

Origins of the OWS has been somewhat long in the making.
David DeGraw, at AmpedStatus, explains the movement at Washington’s Blog and how the nefarious financial sector ruined the planet.
The details are in DeGraw’s “The Economic Elite Vs. The People of the United States.”
Read the whole thing — makes a great deal of sense and presents the entire, whole, ugly bucket of shit.
Money bit:

As a result of the Economic Elite’s attack on us, the inequality of wealth between the economic top one percent and the remaining 99% of the population is the highest it has ever been in our nation’s history.
The Robber Barons of the Gilded Age have now been overtaken as America’s most depraved and despotic class.

And there’s no political bullshit involved, and it should remain that way.

So this e-mail from DeGraw to Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture:

Top MoveOn leaders/executives are all over national television speaking for the movement.
fully appreciate the help and support of MoveOn, but the MSM is clearly using them as the spokespeople for OWS.
This is an blatant attempt to fracture the 99% into a Democratic Party organization.
The leadership of MoveON are Democratic Party operatives.
they are divide and conquer pawns.
For years they ignored Wall Street protests to keep complete focus on the Republicans, in favor of Goldman’s Obama and Wall Street’s Democratic leadership.
If anyone at Move On or Daily Kos would like to have a public debate about these comments, we invite it.
Please help us stop this divide and conquer attempt.

Ritholtz adds:

Everyone’s trying to cash in on the courage and conviction of the Wall Street protesters.
People are trying to associate Occupy Wall Street with their pet projects, in the same way that advertisers try to associate the goodwill of the Super Bowl, NBA playoffs, World Series or Olympics with their product.
The protesters themselves are having none of it, tweeting today: We don’t want to be the democratic tea party or liberal tea party. We want to be our own movement separate of any political affiliation.
Update: Another tweet from the protesters: We don’t represent liberal interests nor are we the liberal tea party. We represent the interest of the 99%

One way to kill a wonderful, honest movement is to let mainstream assholes take over, then it’s back to business as usual.
Which is 100 percent bullshit

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