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November 6, 2011

Being sick is a total bitch — and I say that in a nice way for all you female dogs out there.

My youngest daughter came down out of the mountains a week or so ago just finishing up a bad cold, and promptly gave it to me, thank-you very much!
Now after plying myself with homeopathic medicines — Oscillococcinum from France and Airborne from the US — and healthy doses of BC powders (845 mg of aspirin), I don’t feel quite like dog-shit anymore.
Maybe more like cat/chicken/ or some smaller-animal shit.

My illness, though, don’t come close to this planet’s health — a sickness on the level of bloated elephant shit.

(Illustration found here).

Despite being sick, the news keep churning forward and a lot of it is nutcase, bat-shit crazy.
Wonder the difference between, say, chickenshit, dogshit, batshit, and the human condition — all animals them.
We never say: ‘I feel like human shit,’ when we don’t feel good or we get mad, i.e., ‘You chickenshit asshole!,’ however, ‘You’re nothing more than human shit,” does have a certain ring to it.
Just wondering.

The big news this Sunday morning — beyond the bizarre double-earthquake yesterday in Oklahoma, the first a 4.7 early Saturday, then last night, 5.6-magnitude quake, the biggest in OK history — is still coming from Europe and the Greek financial tragedy.
Reportedly, blustering, nit-twit Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou expected to resign after putting together some form of coalition government to keep that Euro-bailout of $178 billion on collision course with destiny.
From CNN:

Taxi driver Irene Tsikimi, who has been driving a cab for five years, says business has shrunk, but the conversations she has with her clients all follow similar lines.
“They say there are no politicians they can believe in,” she explains.
“They don’t know who to vote for.
It feels like it’s a dead end.
I wouldn’t mind going into bankruptcy; the country’s lost anyway.”
She says that austerity has impacted her, and her customers, a lot.
“Now, not even rich people use taxis,” she says, “or just very few.
The middle class just don’t take taxis anymore.
It’s a job that doesn’t have a future here. “

The real Greek tragedy plays out behind closed doors, in the home of the pensioners who can’t afford to fill their fridge, the public sector parents struggling to pay the bills, or the 820,000 unemployed — from a nation of around eight million — scouring the Internet for jobs.
Most people have enough to survive but not to live the life they’d hoped for.
This is not yet about a nation of people on the bread line, but about a people whose dreams and future have been taken away from them.

All that does have an American echo, huh?
And this on Friday on the eve of Bank Transfer Day: U.S. regulators closed two more banks on Friday — one in Utah and another in Nebraska — bringing the total number this year to 87…Most of the banks that have failed so far this year had less than $1 billion in assets, illustrating the problems facing small banks. Many of community banks continue to be hit hard by the sluggish economy and their exposure to the troubled commercial real estate market.
From a frying pan into a fire — a no-winning environment.

Meanwhile, Herm ‘The No-Sperm’ Cain, is battling reality’s syrup by not fighting.
Cain got his panties in a bind last night during a dumb-ass Lincoln-Douglas style debate with Newt Gingrich (why would one even consider watching these two ‘debate’?), which within itself was clueless, but only when the narrative got jagged did the proceedings show a much-clearer, and enlightened perspective.
From ABC News:

“Don’t even go there,” Cain interrupted when a Washington Post reporter began asking a question about the sexual harassment allegations at a press conference following the two-man debate.
“Where’s my chief of staff?
Please send him the Journalistic Code of Ethics.”
Reporters pressed Cain as he tried to leave the room, asking him why he was avoiding answering questions about the accusations, but aides shouted over reporters, yelling “No gossip.”
“Are you not going to answer any questions ever again, Mr. Cain, this sexual harassment stuff, is that what you’re saying,” one reporter asked.
“You got it,” Cain said with a smile.
“How can you run a presidential campaign and be a frontrunner when you won’t answer questions about this?” another reporter asked.
“If you all just listen for 30 seconds, I will explain this one time,” Cain said to reporters before leaving the room.
“We are getting back on message, end of story.
Back on message, read all of the other accounts, read all of the other accounts, where everything has been answered.
End of story.
We’re getting back on message, OK?”

Cain ain’t got a lick of sense — he’s even dumber then Newt, but don’t believe he’s yet showed to be as dumb as Perry.
What a nasty crowd clawing for the White House.

Cain should be made to man up.
The best reason — power.
Todd Kelly at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen (h/t The Dish):

But sexual harassment isn’t the same as infidelity.
Sexual harassment, at the end of the day, is about the abuse of power.
What’s more, it’s about a particularly denigrating and malicious abuse of power.
I would go so far as to say that if someone has a pattern of perpetrating sexual harassment, he is the last person you want in power over others — and you should vote accordingly.

And with apparently the GOP base not giving a shit, and Cain still high in polls and cash-raising, the whole notion will most likely just blow away — the MSM sucks!

And people in the UK are having a time keeping vehicles apart.
For the second time in three days: Police said the crash involved seven cars and four lorries and happened close to junction 29, near Leyland, south of Preston, at about 01:40 GMT. One person was trapped in a lorry and had to be released by firefighters. Police said none of the injuries was life-threatening.
On Friday, 34 vehicles piled up in one giant crash, killing seven and injuring 51.

In the speed zone of a different whack and news item of the weekend — from Russia’s

Dozens of cars wrecked, an army of traffic cops called to the scene — a taxi driver’s erratic odyssey brought chaos to Moscow’s roads at the weekend.
The cabbie, who was stark naked, told police, “I was flying on the wings of love.”
Moscow traffic police had to mobilize all its forces in a bid to capture the street racer in a taxi cab who managed to evade capture for some time. In the course of the chase, the suspect narrowly missed a bus packed with children.

Only after police opened fire on the car did the driver stop.
But this was only the prelude to the show proper.
As the man emerged from his vehicle, it became apparent that he was stark naked.
When pushed to the ground, he began chanting Save and Protect, passing on to the Russian national anthem, reported on Monday.
Not a drop of alcohol had passed his lips, as blood tests later proved.
So what lay behind the driver’s risky race?
A bleeding heart, the driver stated. “I was flying on the wings of love”, he said.
“My lover said she was not ready for a serious relationship, and I went to talk to her,” he explained.

Vitaly Grodic, a Moldavian national, insists he never drinks nor even smokes.
He proclaimed himself a Messiah, and promised to change the world for the better.
“When I was in the dark,” Grodic said, “Evil came and took my lover.
I wanted nothing but good.
But he took my lover.
Now I want to give birth to new life on this planet.
There will be no wars anymore because I’ve come.”
Mr. Grodic said there was no other God than him, and that he would fight against evil.
Those dozens cars that he ploughed into during the pursuit were all evil, naturally, the driver explained, and he could not but hit them.
The detained taxi driver has now been sent for psychiatric tests.
If proven to be of sound mind — which seems more than improbable — he may face charges of causing 17 traffic accidents and resisting arrest.
The policemen who prevented Grodic from crashing into children’s bus will receive state awards for their braveness.

Just can’t be my sickness — ain’t the world seemingly gone whale-shit crazy?

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