Monday Time

November 7, 2011

Yesterday, all US peoples — with the exception of peoples in Hawaii or Arizona, and maybe some parts of Indiana — lived through another piece of worthless tradition that really doesn’t do anything other than aggravate.
Mankind has been living via daylight since forever, up at sunrise, down at sunset and work like a mad bull in between.

Once we started burning coal in machines, however, clock-shit hit the time-fan.
A good, good-night’s sleep for hundreds of years: Agrarian cultures built their societies around sunlight, waking up with the sun to toil in the field and heading home as the sun lowered beneath the horizon. But the industrial revolution brought with it the freedom to unshackle us from nature’s clock.
Now madness.

Early Monday morning here on California’s north coast, bright and clear, and cold.
Rained all weekend, but cleared yesterday evening and now we’re in for a couple of nice days and then back to rain again.
Daylight Saving Time is another attempt by mankind to have complete control of his/her environment, but no one turns their back on nature, it rules the show.
One of the biggest problems facing life in 2011 is the arrogance of man.

This morning it’s hard to focus.
Arduous to even type, much less filter a topic to run with and express facts and whatnot.

During the weekend news stuff kept happening, people did shit, some of it real dumb and events kept creating ripples in all kinds of different directions without a plan, without a scheme.
Big news on the CBS News early loop is the horror at Penn State — none of the reporting indicated this Sandusky guy was even married, children, or nothing.
If he wasn’t married, and at his age, there’s a clue, sherlock.

A sick-ass news story to start the week (although the story broke on Saturday).

Then there’s the protest at the White House yesterday on President Obama’s upcoming decision regarding that literal snake in the grass, the Keystone XL pipeline, but no matter what the public feels like, Obama will decide as he has the last three years — on the side of the 1 percent.
So mega-depressing to have follow the very-worst president in US history by one so, so disappointing and so useless in the long run — people shouldn’t vote for him ever again, but wait!
Who to vote for then?
The entire GOP presidential field is bat-shit crazy, and really don’t give a shit — as witnessed by Herman Cain’s coasting uphill even after all the sexual-harassment issues.
Neither Cain nor GOP voters seem to care — or the media, especially after that Cain slap-down Saturday, which in days of yore would have made every journalist worth his salt go after the guy tooth and nail.
Nowadays, though, he’s a star on ‘Meet the Gregory.’

Planet earth and all its inhabitants are in a most-terrible fix.
And who the livin’ f*ck gives a fat-goat’s ass to what happens to this Kim Kardashian?

Via Emily Dickinson’s ‘A Clock Stopped

A clock stopped — not the mantel’s
Geneva’s farthest skill
Can’t put the puppet bowing
That just now dangled still.

An awe came on the trinket!
The figures hunched with pain,
Then quivered out of decimals
Into degreeless noon.

It will not stir for doctors,
This pendulum of snow;
The shopman importunes it,
While cool, concernless No

Nods from the gilded pointers,
Nods from seconds slim,
Decades of arrogance between
The dial life and him.

Good Monday, to ya!

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