Are We There Yet?

December 19, 2011

US peoples are already sick of next year’s political rodeo.
A majority chunk of Americans want the 2012 presidential campaign, readying to blast away in less than a month, to be over already — nearly triple the poor souls that can’t wait for the politicking to begin.
From Gallup (h/t Wonkette):

With the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses serving as the kickoff of voting in the 2012 presidential election campaign, Americans would likely prefer to fast-forward to the end of the campaign than watch it unfold.
Given a choice, 70 percent of Americans say they can’t wait for the campaign to be over, while 26 percent can’t wait for it to begin.

Nationally, there is little difference by party in feelings about the upcoming campaign — 67 percent of Democrats and 66 percent of Republicans can’t wait for the campaign to be over.

Importantly, despite their generally negative feelings toward the campaign, Americans are not necessarily going to tune it out completely, or decline to participate.
The same poll finds that 57 percent of Americans have already given “quite a lot” of thought to the upcoming election, and 72 percent are at least somewhat enthusiastic about voting in next year’s election.

Ah,  the passion of somewhat enthusiastic

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