February 26, 2012

One of the all-time narcissistic, stream-of-fantasy events happens tonight — the 84th Academy Awards — and despite all the current problematic horrors cowering the world, millions and millions of people will tune in to snag a respite from reality.
Most likely, though, movie life and real life have over the years converged into a wad of mental images fostered now unwittingly upon the unwashed masses as Hollywood becomes a perceived factuality — we’ve spent way-too long in darkened theaters staring way-intently at big screens.
Even warping the looked-upon attributes of US presidents.
Cultural historian Neal Gabler explained the concept (via Raw Story):

“Life itself has become an entertainment medium,” Gabler told Bill Moyers during a PBS interview on Friday.
“We are all actors in and audience for an ongoing show.
We are so steeped in the theatrical arts … that we have turned our own lives, and life outside of us, into a movie.”
“Politics is a movie,” he continued, “and now we’re in a campaign season where what we’re really watching is not so much political debate … as we are watching a movie in which candidates are pretending to be our protagonists-in-chief. …
They want to be the hero of the movie because they understand that’s what the American people really are looking for.”

If that’s the case, the GOP run for president has to be one of the worse movies ever made with a mega-dumb-ass plot and some way-over-acting — and not bad as in good (i.e., ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space‘ or maybe, ‘Con Air‘).
No redeeming factors at all, just a piece of movie shit — except as a visual/oral presentation of how just a scant few can sway/overpower the way-mass.

In the last 84-plus years, the movie medium as an influence  began at first reel fairly slow and subtle, and then quickly quickened its pace to nowadays where fantasy is another ordinary piece of real life — so seamless an intrusion into about all our mind spaces, we can consent to a full circle, as per one of the Best Picture movies up tonight, ‘The Artist,’ a throw-back, long-time retro piece, which apparently a lot of people can relate (I haven’t seen it).
When an event occurs in real time and real space amongst our daily lives, somewhere along the way, at some point (if you’re any kind of movie goer), a similar scene from some movie will pop up — especially this one when some big mouth, pathetic dumb ass doesn’t really know shit and keeps repeating it.

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