Perfectly Ridiculous

May 7, 2012

“Whenever  anyone talks to me about mad cow, I just pull out a picture of my ex-wife.”
— Interview, Wall Street’s market animal, The Bull, Esquire, January, 2009

European voters knocked the soup bowl over yesterday, creating a change in the air for the financial chaos that’s got the whole region in a choke hold — a Socialist took the big chair in France, while Greece took the route of throwing the bums out, or at least trying.
The head of the right-leaning New Democracy party: “I asked for a strong mandate, but people chose differently. I respect their message.”
A whole motley crew of political parties — some not existent just a year or so ago — must come up with a new coalition government before May 17, or another round of elections must be held.
A mess, but that’s just how austerity sometimes works.
(Illustration found here).

And near-about so here in the good olde US of A.
Yesterday another plot in the plot of the narrative of the political point — Liz Cheney, The Dick‘s daughter, claimed she will/won’t run for the Senate from Wyoming.
Off Fox News  — of course — via Crooks and Liars:

“I love Wyoming,” she explained.
“Wyoming is my home.
And what I have been hearing from people all across Wyoming is how important it is that we defeat Barack Obama in 2012.
And they’re very afraid about — you ask people in Wyoming, ‘Are you better off now than you were $5 trillion ago?’
They’ll say, absolutely not.”
“There was a report yesterday that you’re traveling around the state, and that you’re thinking of running for Senate from Wyoming in 2014,” Wallace pressed.
“Look, I have been honored to have been asked to help support the Republican Party in Wyoming,” Cheney replied.
“As I said, it’s my home.
It’s a very special place, but I’m really focused on defeating Barack Obama.
We don’t have the luxury, frankly, of looking beyond this election because this election is so important.”
“And let me tell you, folks: to be continued,” Wallace concluded.

Oh, the joy she would bring — the entire US is bat-shit crazy.

And speaking of which — Michele Bachmann will not go away.
Yesterday on CBS’ Face the Nation (why the shit do these Sunday TV shows have nothing but GOP assholes) Bachmann said  women will flock to the Republican standard in November because the GOP’s war on women is just a big ole fairy tale.
Via Raw Story:

“First of all, that’s a myth and it’s not true,” Bachmann insisted. “There’s not a Republican war on women. That’s coming from the Obama re-election team because everything they do right now is — any word that you hear will go through the grid of Obama’s re-election.”

“I think this time again what women want, Bob, is they want competence, and, unfortunately, with all due respect to the president, he’s not competent to deal with the economy. Mitt Romney is competent in spades. That’s what women are going to be looking for.”

Most-likely women are looking for someone who’s not a creepy liar.

Howard Dean stepped into the fray a bit later and lambasted Bachmann for being, ah, well, for being Bachmann:

“Michele Bachmann has never had much command of the facts and that shows us exactly why,” the former Vermont governor declared.
“Women are terrified of what the Republicans are talking about.
They’re talking about basically stripping away their ability to have insurance pay for their birth control pills.
Latinos are terrified of the Republicans because they seem to have a total tin ear when it comes to the basic needs of treating people with dignity.”

“This candidacy is a shipwreck, and for Michele Bachmann to go out there and claim that women are going to vote for Mitt Romney is perfectly ridiculous.”

And more wisdom from The Bull: “Its and advantage, really. I’m thinking about reclining in a meadow, but I look like I want to kill a man.”

Have a perfectly ridiculous Monday…

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