May 8, 2012

In a most-personal and open manner, Rick Santorum endorsed Mitt Romney for president — the broadcast via e-mail at about 11 o’clock last night.
Who’s the wiser?

Reportedly, last Friday Romney visited Pittsburgh where he and Santorum clinched together for “an over-hour long one-on-one meeting,” and three days later, the endorsement came in the middle of the night.
These Republicans sure love their presidential nominee.

Why — Romney is scared of everybody.

(Illustration found here).

Yesterday, during a town hall meeting in Ohio, a women in the audience commented that President Obama “should be tried for treason.” She didn’t explain why Obama had committed treason — which is punishable by death. Her comments received a big round of applause from the audience.
Romney, however, didn’t say a thing about right or wrong, in fact, asked the lady to again pose her question.
Afterwards, away from the crowd and their crazed faces, Romney told reporters, “No, of course not,” when asked whether Obama should be tried for treason — scared of everybody.
In the true words of an asshole on the flap last week about Romney’s gay foreign policy adviser:

“How is he going to stand up to Putin?
How is he going to stand up to North Korea if he can be pushed around by a yokel like me?” asked the man who led the charge against Grennell, American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer.

Yes, indeed.
And why would Fischer even make such a statement if he had any real regard for Romney.

If US peoples go to the polls in November and put Romney in the White House, talk about a shit-storm, but it’s a storm of shit we all gotta eat.
Apparently, US peoples are not really wide awake yet, or they’re maybe just dumb.
From a CNN/ORC International poll:

According to the survey, 44 percent of people questioned said they have a favorable view of Romney, up 10 points from February, while 43 percent said they have an unfavorable opinion, down 11 points, and 13 percent were unsure.
According to the poll, 53 percent of Americans plan to give Romney a second look when the primaries are officially over, with 45 percent saying they already know enough about Romney to decide whether he would be a good president.
The survey indicates Romney’s popularity still lags well behind Obama’s: 56 percent have a favorable view of the president, with 42 percent saying they see Obama in a negative light.
“The Republican Party’s favorable rating has also rebounded now that the nomination fight is all but over, from 35 percent in March to 41 percent,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.
“That still puts the GOP several points behind the Democratic party’s 46 percent rating, but it is an indication that the wounds have started to heal from the primary season.”

If the American electorate can’t figure it out, we’re f*ucked.

Although the Obama presidency has pretty-much cratered since 2009 — he’s going to end up probably being considered the way-most disappointing president in US history — but he’s still a trillion times better than anyone/anything the GOP has to offer and at least with Obama there won’t be any bat-shit crazy stuff, even if it hurts to watch.
The US voter is fickle — it’s gonna be frightful and pure scary until all this is behind us.

In the sage words of Mr. Carlin: “Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!”


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