Hail and the Kitty

June 15, 2012

US peoples have too much on their plate nowadays to contend with such assholish-childish political bullshit like this yesterday in Cleveland:

According to reports from journalists on the scene, the GOP presidential candidate’s campaign bus showed up at the location of President Barack Obama’s scheduled campaign speech in Cleveland, Ohio, and proceeded to taunt his supporters.
The bus reportedly circled and honked at the crowd waiting for Obama. The crowd, in turn, jeered back.

One of those items piled high on that plate is the weather — catching hell with hail.

(Illustration found here).

Last night in Minneapolis, Minnesota, chaos ruled as “a very nasty thunderstorm” passed through the region, knocking down large trees, blowing barn and shed roofs into the air and punching a semitrailer tractor off the road — all in the wake of a big-sized hail storm earlier in the day.
My youngest daughter lives in Minneapolis, and she e-mailed me these observations on the incident along with the reaction of her new feline companion:

Well, I was sitting staring out the window with my little kitty perched on the sill looking out as well.
It was kinda sprinkling, and then here and there a few little bits of hail started falling and then within a matter of only a few seconds it was pouring down hail.
Then the hail became huge and started setting off car alarms and knocking stuff around.
My kitten immediately ran under my chair for cover and poked just a little bit of her face out to look up at my wide eyed and freaked.
It only lasted like four minutes.
I didn’t go outside.
The weird thing was it was super warm when all of this was happening.
Every time I have ever been around hail it’s been freezing out.
It was in the sixty’s when that happened.
Hooooly crap!
So I just watched golf ball-sized hail fall way too hard and fast outside my window.
It was insane!
Yesterday was sooo sunny and beautiful and today is insane.
Thunderstorms, hail beating down like crazy.
There’s a nice weather update for ya paps.

Yes, indeed.
Reportedly, the Twin Cities area will get more storms in the next couple of days, and maybe hail along with rain and high winds.

Meanwhile, Wednesday afternoon two intense storms swept through the Dallas/Fort Worth area with baseball-sized hail stones smashing everything from car windshields to the marquee of a landmark East Dallas movie theater and knocking out power to about 6,000 homes and businesses.
This from the Original Weather Blog: After viewing the ground truth reports and radar data, I’m convinced that this storm will rank right up there as one of the most costly in Dallas history.
See photos and some videos of the onslaught aftermath at the Weather Blog link.

Also this from a CNN i-Reporter who lives in the Dallas area on the 30-minute ice barrage:

Today my grandmother and I were leaving the grocery store and I made the comment of how odd the weather had been.
As we were driving home, heavy rain began to fall hard all around us.
Luckily we made it into the garage before the large rocks of ice came.
At first, the marble sized hail fell sporadically then grew in speed.
I ran out to my car covering what I could before the hail began to fall harder.
After a couple of minutes, we started to hear alarming thuds like the sound of bowling balls falling on the roof.

The windshield on the guy’s car was shattered along with dents all over — the title of the piece was ominous: ‘Apocalyptic-like Hail Storm in Texas.’

Maybe seemingly a bit dramatic, but pretty-much right on — the most vicious problem mankind’s ever faced is causing all these strange “weather weirding” incidents, and not just in the Twin Cities or Dallas/Fort Worth, just remember this week’s most-rare tornado in Venice, Italy.
And US peoples are really in a hail that binds because those in authority are assholes.
New York Times reporter Justin Gillis on the ho-hum:

“One thing I’m seeing—and I see it in our own paper as well as many other news outlets—is that people are covering the crazy weather we’re having and, more often than not, dodging the subject of whether there’s any relationship to climate change.
TV weathermen are dodging that subject.
Print reporters are dodging the subject
“And it’s not so easy to cover because science does not have particularly good answers for us.
The concept that I wrote about last week—that we’re in the middle of a sort of weather “weirding”—isn’t really a scientific concept for which you can build a weird index and figure out where we are on that index, but there are some things that scientists can say about weather extremes.
Some of the extremes are very consistent with what is expected and what has long been predicted, and we’re seeing very clear trends in certain extremes like heat waves and heavy precipitation events.

And to make matters worse: China’s carbon emissions could be nearly 20 percent higher than previously thought, a new analysis of official Chinese data showed on Sunday, suggesting the pace of global climate change could be even faster than currently predicted. (via the Guardian).

It ain’t just ‘talkin’ ’bout the weather’ as it’s only going to get worse:

“No,” is the overwhelming scientific consensus.
Human activity is changing the climate, and the climate is changing the weather.
Buckle up.
It’s going to be a wild ride.
And virtually every business in every sector of the economy is vulnerable.

Run, tender kitty, run!

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