Shock Shooting — ‘Most Fucked Up Night of my Short Life’

July 20, 2012

(Illustration via CNN of Aurora, Colorado, theater where 14 moviegoers were killed early Friday).

Awoke to some horror this morning — at least 14 people were shot dead and 50 wounded during a nut-wad shooting at a theater in Colorado during an opening-day screening of the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” but from how the news reports have been changing the last hour, that total might go even higher.
Hate to say it, but this horrible shit will dominate the news today.

Not much background yet at near 3:30 AM here in California, but the shooter, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was apprehended by police in a nearby parking lot and there’s no motive.
Police Chief Dan Oates said the guy was heavily armed — a rifle and a handgun was taken from the shooter, another gun was found in the theater –  and there’s no evidence of a second gunman.
Pure mad and crazy: CNN quoted a witness as saying he saw a “guy slowly making his way up the stairs and firing, picking random people.”

A little bit more from CNN:

“We saw people running around and screaming,” a man, who was not identified, told CNN affiliate KUSA.
He said there was confusion in the theater when the shooting began because many believed the sound of gunfire was coming from the movie.
Oates said that the suspect used some sort of “smoke device” before opening fire in the theater.
Witnesses, however, told KUSA that the gunman kicked in an emergency exit door and threw a smoke bomb into the darkened theater before opening fire.
Of the wounded, at least 20 were being treated at the University of Colorado Hospital, said spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery.
All of the wounded suffered from gunshot wounds, which ranged from minor to critical, she said.
“They’re arriving by police, by ambulance. Some are walking in,” she said.

And this via the UK’s Guardian:

Me and my sister and my friends were wondering what was going on, what was happening and then at that point I saw something coming through the wall.
Multiple objects just float through the wall.
I saw holes in the walls [from theatre nine].

People stood up and started checking themselves.
A couple of people where holding [areas and I heard moaning like they were in pain.
That’s when I started to get worried.
And I didn’t really know what was happening until someone came up to the left entrance and told us we shouldn’t go outside because there was a guy with a gun outside.

And this from

Boyfriend and I have evacuated safe and sound.
The shooting began during a gunfight scene in the movie, and at first, we thought it was special effects when smoke rose up.
When shots happened again and people began to run, we thought something was up.
A guy ran in and shouted there was a gunman in the building, and the alarms to emergency evacuate started to go off. I now know what tear gas feels like.
I’ve never had to ‘get down’ with a police officer screaming at us.
This is the most fucked up night of my short life.
I need an army of kitten photos stat.

This country is in a horrible, unstable condition, especially with them guns.
How does a citizen obtain all that firepower and body armor?
And with fear.
Most-likely there will be more firearm bullshit talk today with the NRA whacks making all the winger TV news shows (Fox News) and will continue the rant that President Obama is going to take away all the guns, despite all the reality to the contrary: In May 2009 President Obama signed into law legislation allowing firearms to be carried in national parks. A later bill allowing guns onto Amtrak trains was enacted in December 2009. At the time, the NRA called the legislation “a major step forward.”
However, major asshole Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s executive vice president, has been screaming for awhile about Obama doing something with nothing: “But it’s a big fat stinking lie!” the NRA leader exclaimed. “It’s all part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and destroy the Second Amendment in our country.”
The ludricious horror spewing from that guy’s lips does move the bowels of gun people, really bad during an election year anyway, but even worse in this cycle.
Gun sales are soaring, especially the Army types.

Jackie Sizemore, the owner of Backwoods Outdoors says his store has been busy.
He’s constantly having to re-order guns and ammo to keep supplies on the shelves.
“You’ll be out of a lot of goods, people will be waiting on a lot of stuff ,” he said.
Weapons like pistols and tactical weapons like AR-15’s.
“Those are what you will find on the chopping block first they will do away with tactical type guns like that and high capacity magazines stuff like that,”he said.
In fact, Sizemore says he can barely keep AR-15’s on the shelf.
“Everybody will be out of AR 15’s.
You won’t be able to find them anywhere,” he said.
Gun salesmen says it’s a concern they are hearing from consumers just about everyday.
They anticipate sales will continue to increase as the election gets closer.

And what do they expect?
Movie shootings?

Here in California, the right-wing gun nuts are after State Sen. Leland Yee and his proposed gun-control bill, which would make it even harder to have an assault rifle, but then again, only a f*cking, crazy asshole would want military armament in an urban landscape.
Via  SF Weekly:

Senate Bill 249 aims to make the “bullet button” harder for gun lovers to use, which essentially means it will be that much harder for them to get fire assault weapons, which are illegal in California anyway.
The bullet button allows you to detach a magazine, despite the fact that state law says detachable magazines in combination with other features are illegal.
But, as CBS reports, the bullet button makes a gun’s magazine “fixed” and therefore legal, because you need a tool to detach it.
Needless to say, Yee’s bill is pushing some buttons at the firing range; gun-toters have called his office, making racist threats, and telling him to “go back to Communist China.”
“Unfortunately there are many individuals in the state and in this country that look to the bill that I am carrying as really un-American.
And I will tell you that I am probably as American as anyone else,” Yee tells CBS.

A sad day for the US — lying and killing.

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