Urine in trouble

August 18, 2012

Always been a great fan of Maurits Cornelis Escher, or just MC Escher, as he’s more-popularly known, and his artworks has always flooded my brain with all kinds of twisted and delicious images of how reality functions.
Some of his more-well known drawings can be found here and here and here — my most-favorite (and I use it on occasion in various forms to illustrate a certain blog post) is ‘Hand With Reflecting Sphere,’ which creates among a host of conjured-up impressions, a sense of just being cool.

This morning I came across the drawing seen at left and a match was struck — the illustration is found here — and most likely came from some inspired notion off Escher’s ‘Waterfall,’ a  distinct view of the artist’s incredible, extraordinary ability with optical illusion.

The drawing has no real title, other than ‘Urine Escher,’ which was discovered while trolling deoxy.org and off one of its site listings entitled, RealityCarnival, an unusual place with a potpourri of interesting shit.
More than just a take on Escher, the peeing on oneself hit a contemporary note with me, as if the drawing depicted how way-most of our own personal problems can be linked to oneself — we’re the big f*ck up.
As in Pogo’s famous quip: “We have seen the enemy and it is us.”
And because of a time lapse from taking a relaxed, leisurely toilet break to a full-circle splash, we don’t fully comprehend how our own urine is coming back around to drown us.

In a sense of reality of the nowadays, we as humans have been pissing on ourselves for a long time — at least since the late 1700s.
Climate change is that splash curling off the waterway and downward on that unsuspecting pisser.
Civilization as we know it is doomed — most likely those so-called “tipping points” have already been met and surpassed (re-occurring climate reports have gotten into the habit of usually stating up front as ‘being worse than originally thought,’ or some incident is happening ‘faster than anticipated,’ or words to that effect) and about the only course left is to minimize the horrible damage.
If we can.

The major obstacle is still us.
This for example on how we’re f*cked comes from a press briefing last month by US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack when asked about climate change in reference to the horrible drought now striking most of the country, the massive record of high temperatures, including the spade of wildfires across the nation, along with all kinds of other terrible related shit.
Vilsack’s response:

Well, I’m not an expert on climate change so it probably wouldn’t be appropriate for me to respond specifically to that question.
My focus and I think the focus of the USDA and the President, right now is on making sure that we get help to these folks, making sure, for example, that people know that they got to contact their insurance agent, if they have crop insurance, that they may have a damaged crop so that they won’t lose rights under their policy, that’s our focus.
It’s not to trying to figure out, today, what may be causing this or what may be impacting it.
We know it is impacting farmers and ranchers.
Our hearts go out to their families and these hard working folks.
We just want to be able to provide them some help and assistance.

Hey, Tom, you’re a weasel.
Just don’t look up.

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