Say Cheese

October 1, 2012

Another freakin’ Monday no matter how you look at it — clear skies again along California’s northern coast with stars twinkling and the near-full moon hanging like a bright eye-hole in the sky.
Although the serene scene where I’m located runs opposite to shit happening all over — more NATO troops die in Afghanistan, Iraqis keep getting blown to bits, two were killed over the weekend at a Florida VFW post, and Maria Shriver is pissed at her ex-asshole’s new book: “She knows the book is a big PR stunt to get back in the public’s good graces,” a friend told TMZ.
Why the alarm, he’s always said, ‘I’ll be back.’

Way-of course, this Wednesday is the first of three debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney — a clash of impertinence.
One wonders how Romney can handle factual questions and stuff as he’s done nothing but lie and whine and belly-ache about shit for nearly seven years.

(Illustration found here).

And who’s the best guy going into this thing? — moderator of the event, PBS’Jim Lehrer.
“Jim’s reputation is unassailable. He reeks integrity,” Tom Brokaw, the veteran “NBC Nightly News” anchor, told Politico.
Yeah, right, does ‘reek‘ and ‘stench‘ mean the same?

This election cycle has been terrible and Romney is the worse presidential candidate in memory.
Obama ain’t no shining knight by any means — the drone war, the whistleblower bullshit, the pandering to Wall Street, keeping climate change on a way-back burner, and so forth…
However, keep in mind Obama’s still a trillion percent better than nit-twit Mitt — real bad shit is quickly a-coming and Obama can’t stop it (no one can), but Romney would make the road toward that calamitous end so much worse.

And from Germany, an insight to this presidential mess:

It was probably a waiter who recorded Romney’s speech in Florida and released it to the world.
That’s another hubris inherent in this patriarchal/individualistic class: The precariat, from which cheap labor is recruited by the wealthy in order to shine shoes and serve drinks, may eventually tire of living on the crumbs that fall from the opulently set table.
There’s a wonderful English film from the 1980s titled “Eat the Rich.”
It was a satirical rebuttal to Margaret Thatcher’s reign.
Who will end up eating whom today has yet to be determined.

I say just let them eat cheesecake.

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