Friday Bit Me

April 25, 2014

funny_cartoon_picture_6Rainy and chilly this early Friday on California’s north coast — on the plus side, it’s Friday!
Another work week bites the dust as we move further and further into 2014.

Hard morning. A nasty bout of insomnia during the night, which eventually peeled away for a couple of hours sleep, but beyond my “normal” time to get up and stir around, then my laptop decided to pull an ‘update’ sequence without any yes/no action from me.
Save your shit and step back, please.

And the weekend is so close, I can almost scream.

(Illustration found here).

Almost. Too early and the neighbors would worry — old man screaming would bring out the dogs. I didn’t have time this morning to even surf a lot of the news sites, but the results seem like yesterday as the world keeps spinning in crazy sub-orbital circuits day after day.
Death, destruction and nefarious aims. And that’s just the GOP sub-committee on pseudo-morals.
Best news shit all week, though, combines all our anxieties into one envelope — a gun and a vagina.
Via Raw Story:

Authorities encountered the suspect, Dallas Archer, on Monday after her mother reported being assaulted and identified Archer’s vehicle in connection with the attack.
A subsequent check of Archer’s license revealed that it had been suspended for failing to pay multiple traffic violations, and she was arrested.
Archer was already facing charges of domestic vandalism and aggravated assault from an April 4 arrest for allegedly choking her mother and later pouring bleach on her clothes.
On Monday, a corrections officer at the city jail reported finding an “unknown object” between Archer’s legs, requiring her to be checked by the officer and a female colleague.
Police records stated that the two officers then recovered a loaded .22-caliber gun inside her vagina.

And wait…wait for it:

The Smoking Gun reported that the gun, valued at $250, was reported stolen during an auto burglary last year.
The gun’s owner, 70-year-old John Souther, was quoted as saying he would like to have “the little fellow” back, but added that it would need “a bath in bleach.”

Anyway, try and bleach out that shit — get to the weekend already!

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