Sleep Shaking

August 26, 2014

53Fog and chilly here on California’s north coast this early Tuesday as the world stumbles on through the work week.
Typical summer fare for the area, usually sunshine and a brisk afternoon wind to follow the fog. Yesterday, though, the script didn’t alter itself and stayed overcast and cool all day — weather weird.

And down south a bit, earthquake clean-up continues in the Napa Valley area, but did Sunday’s 6.0 shaker upend rack time?
People involved with the Jawbone Up program, which tracks sleep, diet and activity patterns via a wristband, reveals emotion closer to the quake’s epicenter. The Up fitness tracker knows.

And those closest to the quake center couldn’t get back to sleep — 45 percent said the shit was too freaky for any thoughts of additional shut eye.

(Illustration: A lithograph in Salvador Dali­’s Biblia Sacra‘ series found here).

Jawbone saith:

Napa, Sonoma, Vallejo, and Fairfield were less than 15 miles from the epicenter.
Almost all (93 percent) of the UP wearers in these cities suddenly woke up at 3:20AM when the quake struck.
Farther from the epicenter, the impact was weaker and more people slept through the shaking.
In San Francisco and Oakland, slightly more than half (55 percent) woke up.
As we look even farther, the effect becomes progressively weaker — almost no UP wearers in Modesto and Santa Cruz (and others between 75 and 100 miles from the epicenter) were woken up by the earthquake, according to UP data.

If I had been knocked awake by a shaker like that, sleep wouldn’t come for days — there’s something way-frightful about earthquakes and nightmares, there has be be come connection.

Anyway, in a different and more-uglier survey, a new USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll, most Americans — black and white — say the police suck:

— 65 percent overall say police departments nationwide do an “only fair” or a poor job in holding officers accountable when misconduct occurs, compared with 30 percent who say they do an excellent or good job.
— By 65 percent-32 percent, respondents say police do a fair/poor job, not an excellent/good one, in treating racial and ethnic groups equally.
— By 61 percent-35 percent, they say police do a fair/poor job, not an excellent/good one, in using the right amount of force in each situation.


However, when it comes to police in their own community, whites overwhelmingly have a great deal or a fair amount of trust in them not to use excessive force (74 percent), to treat blacks and whites equally (72 percent) and to gain the trust of local residents (77 percent).
But most African Americans disagree: 62 percent have very “just some” or “very little” confidence in their community’s police to treat blacks and whites equally; 59 percent lack confidence that they won’t use excessive force.
A 53 percent majority of blacks doubt the police do a good job in gaining the trust of local residents.
When it comes to race relations generally, the disparity between whites and blacks is less stark than it is on assessing police tactics.
Among whites, 75 percent say whites and blacks get along very well or pretty well; 64 percent of blacks agree.

Another Ferguson, and American cops will be on everybody’s shit list.
Maybe cops, along with personal cams, should also wear an Up wristband — they can then be monitored for their activities, and of course, their diet and sleep.

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