‘Social Fabric’ Unraveling

September 24, 2014

guns-cartoon-US-map-smallerSteady rain and a gray quiet this afternoon — war the topic.
Yet what is war? Via CNN: Mass shootings have been occurring more frequently in recent years, an FBI study shows, with nearly one incident a month from 2000 to 2013…Seventy percent of the incidents “occurred in either a commerce/business or educational environment,” the FBI said.
Hence in line with the stats, latest yesterday at a UPS facility in Birmingham, AL, two shot and killed by a former employee, who then shot himself — FBI also reported 40 percent of the shooters commit suicide.

Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper: “When these people came to work today, they had no idea today would be their last day here on Earth.”
A shitload of humanity, however, have a pretty good idea this day could be it.

Yet Americans are Americans — more than gun laws.
From Medical Daily last week and a study on the root of our gun problem:

Through the assessment of a vast amount of data, Kalesan drew one very important conclusion: “We need much better gun laws than what’s in existence.”
Some states, such as Massachusetts for example, have implemented tough gun use laws, which have done next to nothing to reduce the number of gun deaths.
In fact, after the passage of Massachusetts gun laws in 1998, the gun deaths continued to increase rather than decrease.
The reason for this is simple. “Other countries have adopted stringent laws and effectively reduced gun deaths. But guns are in the social fabric of the U.S. societiesm,” Kalesan said.
Gun control laws alone are not enough to control death rates, seeing as residents can easily obtain firearms from neighboring states with weaker laws.

Being armed is the American way, the ‘social fabric‘ of our society.

(Illustration above found here).

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