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November 7, 2014

Escher's_ReptilesOvercast and gloomy this early Friday on California’s north coast — drizzle again the next little while, I expect, then whatever…

Paul Krugman, again hit the nail on the head this morning in his NYT column: ‘So now is a good time to remember just how wrong the new rulers of Congress have been about, well, everything.’

Krugman paints an ugly portrait of Republicans that’s generally considered obvious by sane folks, though, the big, massive hurdle to handle is a future completely in their hands.

(Illustration: M.C.Escher’s ‘Reptiles‘ found here).

Not only did the GOP take control of the US Senate on Tuesday, but also added seats in the House, took some governorships, and a majority in a shitload of state legislatures — a whacked, full-blown national victory for the brand. And shit for Americans. The bluster already coming from all quarters of mental-midget Republican leadership carries a ominous message of bad moon rising.

Krugman concludes victory came from a very dull, ‘sullen‘ electorate:

But the biggest secret of the Republican triumph surely lies in the discovery that obstructionism bordering on sabotage is a winning political strategy.
From Day 1 of the Obama administration, Mr. McConnell and his colleagues have done everything they could to undermine effective policy, in particular blocking every effort to do the obvious thing — boost infrastructure spending — in a time of low interest rates and high unemployment.
This was, it turned out, bad for America but good for Republicans.
Most voters don’t know much about policy details, nor do they understand the legislative process.
So all they saw was that the man in the White House wasn’t delivering prosperity — and they punished his party.

And yet this morning, too, the economy, you stupid, dumb-fuck: ‘The US unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since 2008 on Friday, in a move hailed as a sign of progress by economists despite 9 million people remaining out of work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) said that the unemployment rate fell to 5.8 percent, as employers added 214,000 jobs in October.’


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